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Pegasus Cup Betting: 5 Poor Wagering Habits You Should Avoid

Some might think of horseracing as a sport that only satisfies old men. While it’s true that many old-age pensioners are amused by horseracing, anyone can experience absolute excitement within two minutes through this recreation.

Betting could be quite complicated at first, but you’d eventually form a habit out of it. For beginners, it’s ineffective to swim in rough waters right away. You should recognize your level of ability so you can bet on a category you can brave.

Be a Smart Beginner

There is nothing shameful in declaring insufficient knowledge of the things you’re interested in. Big racing events like the Pegasus World Cup is where hobbyists and professional bettors come together. To know more about the premier horse racing in South Florida, click this link.

Admitting that you’re short of betting knowledge is like confessing your willingness to learn everything about it. As a beginner, you don’t have to force yourself to engage in multiple bets. Obsessing over gaining hefty profit as a beginner is an impossible feat.

Know that poor wagering habits could spoil your bankroll. Time might come where you’ll be occupied in consuming your account funds in desperate betting. Smart betting is not only about knowing the techniques to win, it’s also about being aware of poor wagering habits to avoid getting into the trouble of recurring losses.

Disregarding Bet Types

Understanding all bet types is one way to succeed in the business. Though betting on horses is somehow influenced by a stroke of luck, mastery of the betting fundamentals, specifically, the betting types is one sure strategy to make it big in the horse racing betting industry.

Well, there are diverse options you can choose from. However, you should first assess your betting ability and pick the bet type that suits you well.

In most cases, beginners will pick straight wagers. This type of wager will require you to select one horse to come first, second, or third in the race. The second major betting category is exotic bets where you are allowed to place multiple bets. For exotic bets, you’ll need to possess greater mastery in picking horses. Compared to straight bets, you’ll earn a doubled amount of prize or even more if you pay for exotic bets.

Overlooking Bet Value Price

The number of payouts and odds are solely banking on the sum of money you bet on each horse. Accordingly, the horse claiming the best odds may or may not win the race. Wagering is about luck and logic, after all.

As a beginner, you should not automatically pick the horse with a huge amount of bets. Remember that a wise handicapper should look into the horse’s chance to win based on its ability rather than how it’s favoured in the race.

Also, remember that there’s something good at being late sometimes. In horse racing betting, especially in as big as the Pegasus World Cup, you are given ample time to place your bets. Therefore, you can finalize your bet and place it as late as you can so that you can appraise your wagers based on the changes on odds.

Ultimately, the game is not about who set the bet first, it’s about who made the accurate bet at the end of the race.

Dismissing Track Bias

The starting positions will either be an advantage or a disadvantage to the horse. Horses galloping on the rail will most likely finish as the champion compared to the horse running off the fence in the straight, attempting to overtake multiple horses.

Track conditions and positioning affects the track bias. Consequently, track bias affects the winning chances of a horse. At the same time, it influences how you assess the performance of each horse in every race.

Skipping the Records

When you’re a beginner at something, keeping records is an effective way to prop up your degree of knowledge. This applies to all kinds of sports wagering. It’s important to take note where you’ve committed slips and drops and where you’ve exhibited your mastery in wagering.

You wouldn’t want to ignore the time when you’ve supported a horse that flunked in a major race. Also, you’ll never want to forget how a horse with high odds finished a race as the ace.

You need to track your tally of wins and losses. Online wagering sites feature a tracking system where you can follow your coups and failures. Chasing your losses can tarnish your wagering reputation. Being desperate to earn is an indication that you’re wagering for a definite purpose—to gain financially. However, getting overly mad over losses makes you an unschooled bettor.


Many betting experts have probably confessed that proper management of bankroll made them the most successful bettors in their years.

Out of many definitions associated with wagering in horse racing, the word “entertainment” is probably the most frequently spoken of. If you are stuck in a regular tendency of losing, betting is now nothing like a form of entertainment. Now, if you’re not having fun with the results of the games, you have to stop momentarily and track your wins and losses to stay in command of your finances.


Wagering in horse racing is not in everybody’s interests, but once this is introduced to you, you’ll definitely want it to become a part of your recreational routine. Keep in mind that this is not solely about continuously boosting your skill in picking horses, recalling all of your mistakes should also be fulfilled so you won’t run the risk of repeating them the next time around.