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Pembrokeshire based company fund new defibrillator for local community

Pembrokeshire based, family company Evan Pritchard Contractors Ltd have recently donated a generous £1000 to Wales’ leading first aid charity, St John Ambulance Cymru, in support of their lifesaving work in communities across Wales. The donation was made to fund a new defibrillator for the area. Volunteers will bring this defibrillator along to events across West Wales ensuring that in an emergency, a potentially lifesaving piece of equipment is nearby.
The Pritchard family have a personal connection with St John Ambulance Cymru’s cause, after a family member was treated using a defibrillator in the past. St John Ambulance Cymru are huge advocators for defibrillator awareness and access, working to increase confidence and educate in defibrillator use.
Following a cardiac arrest, a person’s survival chances are reduced by 10% for every passing minute without action. The quicker a defibrillator is on the scene, the more chance someone’s life can be saved.
Evan Pritchard Contractors LTD’s donation will go towards keeping the local people of Pembrokeshire safe, providing the local St John Ambulance Cymru volunteers with a lifesaving piece of equipment. Mathew Pritchard, Managing Director at Evan Pritchard said “we hope this donation will help to make Pembrokeshire a safer place for all.
Defibrillators can mean the difference between life and death, so we are happy to fund this vital piece of equipment.”