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Pembrokeshire’s Mobile Library returns to full service

Pembrokeshire’s Mobile Library Service

Customers of Pembrokeshire’s Mobile Library Service are delighted that the service is fully operational following the Covid pandemic as they say it delivers an excellent service and was much missed.

Both parts of the service, Library at Home (Housebound) Service and Village routes are back up to full speed.

If you, (or a family member or neighbour) enjoy reading or listening to books but are unable to leave your home because of poor health, not having access to transport, or being unable to carry heavy items, the Library at Home service could be of interest to you.

If you’re eligible to receive the service (there is just very short application form to fill in), and once enrolled, the service can visit you once every four weeks with the mobile library vehicle.

Customers can choose from a wide selection of stock including fiction and non-fiction in both English and Welsh. Large Print and Spoken Word stock is also available.

There are no charges, overdue fines or reservation fees to pay as a Library at Home customer which makes this service a popular choice for housebound residents.

Lift access onto the mobile library is available for users with mobility problems.

Feedback on the Mobile Library Service is extremely positive.

A comment often heard is: “I don’t know what I’d do without this service as I’m housebound. I couldn’t do without it.”

The village routes are also always well received and our regulars say that it “brings customers together and is good for their mental health”

This service provides customers with a chance to choose books from the large selection on our mobile library vehicle and to chat and catch up with other local residents who they might otherwise not see.

There are a total of eight routes that visit stops at the same time every four weeks.

Items that are not immediately available on the van can be ordered as part of the reservation service (there is a small charge for this service on our village routes).

As one customer said: The mobile library service is great at finding me books or authors that I like. If I ask for the books, they appear.”

There are no overdue charges on books if they are returned late at the village stops, but it is helpful to other users if you bring them back on time.

If you are already using a community library, you can also use your membership on board the mobile library.

To request an application form for the Library at Home (Housebound) service or for a copy of the current timetable for the village routes, please contact George Edwards on (01437) 776126, e-mail [email protected]