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Police firearms team called to incident in Barry

Credit: South Wales Police

A 29 year-old man has been arrested following a police incident in Barry this morning.

South Wales Police sent armed officers to the incident in the Barry area and were met by a suspect brandishing what looked to be firearms. It take turned out that the firearms were not real.

Following the incident, South Wales Police has shared a posted Facebook to highlight the split second decision that officers face. Along with the post, South Wales Police shared a photo of the weapons used.

Can you tell the difference between a real firearm and one that isn’t?

From looking at the photo, they look real.

It was fortunate for all those involved that the incident came to an end without harm to officers, the suspect or anyone in the area at the time.

South Wales Police’s Facebook post:

“Everyday our officers have to make split second decision using their skills, training and professional judgement.

“This morning officers from our Joint Firearms Unit were called to an incident in Barry, in which they were threatened with what appeared to be firearms.

“Unbeknown to the officers, the firearms were not real, using expert threat assessments they were able to bring the incident to a safe ending.

“Thankfully situations like this are very rare. A 29 year-old man has been arrested and remains in police custody.”