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Pollinator Paradise: Bees Flourish in Bodelwyddan’s Historic Park

Work in Bodelwyddan is already boosting support for important pollinators.

Denbighshire Countryside Services has installed a number of bee hives in the parkland adjacent to the Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel.

The historic park area, a mix of grassland, woods and orchards has been managed and maintained by Countryside Rangers since 2022.

Bee hives have now been installed by a local beekeeper on the site to provide benefit to the bees through the rich variety of trees and plantlife on the land. They’ve also been introduced to volunteers through the Nature For Health program that runs in partnership with Denbighshire Countryside Services.

Emlyn Jones, Head of Planning, Public Protection and Countryside Services, said: “Bees are such an important part of the pollination system and this parkland offers a great mix of support for them to carry out their important roles. They can seed nearly 90 percent of all flowering plants and support fruiting of around 30 percent of the food on our tables. After foraging and helping transfer pollen from flower to flower, bees also bring back a mix of nectar and pollen to the hives that is eventually processed into honey.

“It has been great to see these new residents take to their home on the parkland and also help our volunteers really discover more about how important nature is for their own well-being by seeing first-hand how bees can influence the food they eat.”

“A lot of hard work has already gone on behind the scenes to maintain and improve the parkland area by our ranger team and volunteers and having these hives on the land will really help enrich the variety of species growing here and we look forward to seeing the impact of these new little residents.”