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Pontypridd entrepreneur shares her journey for success in new book

Welsh-born female entrepreneur from small town Pontypridd, who has quadrupled the size of her business in the past 12months, is celebrating her latest achievement after her debut book ‘She Lives Limitlessly’ hit number 1 in Amazon bestseller charts only hours after it’s release.

‘She Lives Limitlessly’ went straight to number 1 in Business Consulting, International Business & Finance as well as Sales Techniques – and currently sits as number 1 in Hottest New Release.

In 2013, entrepreneur Jane Baker, bravely shut the doors on her first successful business in the events and wedding industry which was turning over an extremely successful profit in pursuit of happiness, freedom and to find a career she was truly passionate about. She has now shared her experience of committing to following her own path in her book, as part of her 2020 mission to inspire and support other business leaders to create a life of balance and happiness – helping them to unlock freedom and live limitlessly.

Jane Baker, 30 is now a High End Sales Coach who has already helped hundreds/thousands of service based business owners and coaches globally since she launched her online business in October 2013. As part of her best-seller she not only shares her business story and success in building two hugely successful businesses, but also details her personal journey, which saw her leaving school at 16 without a single qualification, running away to London with her boyfriend (now husband) and then falling pregnant at 18 but devastatingly losing her daughter to Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome when she was thirty-two weeks pregnant.

Jane shares how this devastating experience fuelled the fire in her belly for her to succeed on her own terms and how she even at 18 knew that she was not made to be employed, but to forge her own path.

Jane said: “Losing our first daughter although heart-breaking fuelled the fire in my belly to show that I could be a successful entrepreneur.”

“At the time, I was planning our wedding, and as we didn’t have the budget to have everything done for us, we were doing a lot of it ourselves, DIY. I sat there one morning thinking what if instead of just using this stuff for our wedding, we used it for others too and hired them out. That’s what I did, overnight I started a wedding and event hire business! It blossomed within 6 months and over the next 12-24 months, I’d grown the company, even more, we had contracts with hotels worldwide, we also had franchisees across the UK, we were booked solid, and things were amazing…

But, fast forward to 2013, and Jane had married her husband, Lloyd and they had two kids and a picture perfect lifestyle – but Jane wasn’t happy – she continues; “I hated my life – there I said it! I did, I was working every single day, I never had a weekend off let alone a day off, I couldn’t take holidays… I’d lost all sight of the life I was initially building this for. I had success, I’d made a lot of money, but I was a mess. I decided drastic action had to be taken, I’d totally fallen out of love with what I did, and actually, I’d come to the realisation, I never loved it anyway. It was just something that was there at the time, it was never a passion, and I certainly never enjoyed it.”

So Jane embarked on her own personal development journey and invested in every kind of training from mindset to how to build online courses and in October 2013, she launched her own coaching business, The Women’s Business Academy, and the rest, as they say, is history, only it wasn’t! She continues; “Queue six months of no sales, I drove myself insane, I mean I knew business, I knew how to make sales, I was great at making sales, and yet I was sucking, and for ages, I couldn’t figure out why. I was following all the experts, I had a coach, I was doing the funnels and freebies and webinars and online courses and low-end offerings, it should have been working, but it wasn’t.” Six months later, Jane made the call that she would do it her way – channeling her 18 year old self ‘I don’t know how – but I will!’ – she decided enough was enough she said: “I threw out the rule book that others had given me, I threw out all the must-dos and must-haves that the gurus said and I went back to basics, I went to what I knew, and within one week I’d gone from 0 sales to over 15k!!! Six months later, I had done over 100k in sales, and was helped my clients do exactly the same thing…”

Specialising in service based business owners and coaches, Jane’s advice gives guidance on leveraging your time whilst drastically increasing your income through high end selling.

Jane added: said: “I got super niche with who I was working with and created a high end package that was focused on 1 specific valuable want my ideal clients had. Set a targeted list of 5 places to show up every single day with content that showcased my expertise and that I had what they wanted. I collaborated, engaged and then sold.” Her unique approach has won her ample of awards and last year she was listed as a top 100 UK female entrepreneur by F:Entrepreneur and she is now super excited to share her approach in her best-selling book.

‘She Lives Limitlessly’ is available on Amazon here.