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Products made entirely from chewing gum launched by Keep Wales Tidy

The environmental charity Keep Wales Tidy is launching an exciting project which will help keep Wales’ streets clean by turning chewing gum waste into beach products.

Continuing their partnership with Gumdrop Ltd, the first company in the world to recycle and process chewing gum, Keep Wales Tidy have designed branded bucket and spades sets entirely made from the recycled gum material. The innovative project hopes to highlight the problem of chewing gum on our streets while producing sustainable products from the waste collected.

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According to this years Keep Wales Tidy’s “How Clean Are Our Streets?” report, chewing gum staining was present on almost three quarters of streets in Wales and can be both expensive and labour intensive to remove.

Anna Bullis, creator of Gumdrop Ltd said;

“We are delighted to partner with Keep Wales Tidy once again to raise awareness of recycling chewing gum while producing an exciting product that also highlights the importance of keeping our beaches plastic free. It is a great opportunity for us all to join forces in our aim to create a greener, cleaner Wales.”

Lesley Jones, Chief Executive of Keep Wales Tidy said:

“Chewing gum litter is a real stain on our streets and very expensive for local authorities to clean. Keep Wales Tidy is delighted to work with Gumdrop Ltd and we hope these products will inspire people to think about the possibilities of recycling and reduce the amount of gum litter on our streets in Wales.”

The bucket and spade sets are available to buy via the Keep Wales Tidy online shop. Purchasing these beach sets will not only help to tackle litter on Wales’ streets but will use materials that would normally be seen as waste and turning it into something useful.

Each set will come with a “The Great Nurdle Hunt” leaflet which encourages beach goers to take action against marine plastics when visiting the coast. The Great Nurdle Hunt is project run by the Scottish environmental charity FIDRA and aims to end further industrial plastic pellet or ‘nurdle’ pollution in our seas.

At the beach trying out your new bucket and spade? Why not get involved in the All Wales Beach Clean, a Keep Wales Tidy campaign that aims to clean every public beach in Wales during 14-30 September.