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Proposal to merge Cwmaber infants and junior schools

In a meeting which took place on Wednesday 5th June, Caerphilly County Borough Council Cabinet members agreed to a formal consultation on the proposal to federate Cwmaber Infants School and Cwmaber Junior School.

The federation of schools is a legal process which enables schools to work together through a formal structured process by sharing a governing body that will make decisions in the best interest of all the schools, staff and pupils in that federation.

Cwmaber Infants School and Cwmaber Junior School have been informally collaborating since September 2020, with both schools sharing the same Head Teacher. The Governing Body of both schools have asked to proceed to formal consultation for federation status in partnership with the Local Authority.

Keri Cole, Chief Educational Officer said: “We are thrilled with the decision to undertake a formal consultation to federate Cwmaber Infants School and Cwmaber Junior School.

“The federation will benefit pupils at both schools, creating continuity of provision from early years to the end of their primary schooling.”

Following Cabinet’s approval, the next stage of the process would be to commence the consultation process.  This process is expected to commence early in the Autumn term and if the proposal is agreed it is anticipated to come into effect from the start of term January 2025.