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Reasons to Use Temporary Steel Buildings

Companies, institutions, and even private individuals looking for some extra space for just about any use can consider temporary steel buildings. Temporary buildings can offer quick solutions at an affordable cost. Typically, they are made up of a steel roof and wall cladding, allowing for more insulation than PVC semi-permanent buildings. The beauty of these space solutions is that they can be put to many uses, including manufacturing plants, showrooms, and even storage facilities.

So, just why should users consider temporary steel buildings?

Quick Installation

When a business, or anyone else, urgently needs space, they can find it hard to get a quick solution if they want to use permanent structures such as brick-and-mortar buildings. Fortunately, temporary steel buildings offer a faster solution to such space needs allowing users to have a structure in place in a short time.

These buildings are made of a framework that is easy to assemble and dismantle. Once the user places an order, the company manufactures the key components as per the specifications and delivers them to the site. They are erected quickly and can be put into use. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of a short-term increase in demand by setting up an extra production unit and warehouse, these semi-permanent buildings are the best solution.


Temporary buildings help companies and other users save costs because they are less expensive than permanent structures. Besides, those looking for space can choose various hire, purchase and payment plans and arrange with Smart-Space, the leading temporary building solutions provider in the UK, to acquire them. You can choose to buy the buildings upfront or hire them. The hiring option allows users who only need the space for a short period to save on the heavy investment needed for a permanent structure or buying semi-permanent buildings.

Additionally, installing temporary steel buildings is not as costly as you might think because they need only a concrete base. The structures also cut lighting expenses because they have 10% coverage made of clear roof panels to allow for natural light during the day. Heating and cooling are also less costly when using semi-permanent steel buildings since they have 40 mm insulation provided by the steel wall and roof cladding.

Easily Relocatable

Businesses and other users who need to move their structures from one location to another can benefit a great deal from temporary steel buildings. The facilities, made of a framework, can be easily moved from one site to another — as frequently as the user may need. They are not damaged during the movements hence saving the time and money to rent or erect structures every time the user moves to a new location.

Customisable to suit users’ needs

Customers can define their specifications when ordering the temporary steel buildings to be made to suit their unique needs and situations. The users give their dimensions and can even request specific thicknesses for the wall cladding depending on their insulation needs. Therefore, if you need a building to store particular items, you specify or consult with the experts on the wall cladding to offer the best storage conditions.

Offer security and safety

Since the users need to keep their stock or possessions safe and secure, temporary steel buildings provide security because they keep out any intruders. Also, the safety of these structures is guaranteed because they are designed to withstand various elements such as snow, rain, sunshine, and others. They also can withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, and other destructive forces.

Besides, steel is known for strength and durability. Therefore, the structures can offer a relatively long useful life, between 3 and 7 years if heating and cooling are required.


Temporary steel buildings are ideal solutions to business and individual needs because they are cost-effective, quick to install, easily relocatable, and customizable. They also provide the needed security and safety.