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Friday Media Group Moves its Headquarters to a Newly Refurbished Futuristic Setup at Brighton Seafront

Friday Media Group, also known as FMG, the tech powerhouse in the UK’s digital media landscape, has moved its headquarters from Sayers Common to Clarendon Mansions on Brighton seafront. This shift is a defining moment and a momentous occasion in the organization’s 40+ years history.

Situated in East Street in Central Brighton, facing the beach, the 7,500 square foot Grade II listed building has become the new hub of the Friday Media Group.

Founded in Uckfield Sussex as Friday Ad Limited in 1974 by Chris and Liz Kidger, Friday Media Group has evolved over the years to gain a formidable reputation in the technology industry by bringing buyers and sellers together across a wide range of industries.

Friday Media Group currently owns and operates more than 50 online marketplaces, brands, publications and IT services businesses in the UK, such as Friday-Ad, Spidersnet, Leadspring, Simply Jobs Boards, Aviation Job Search, Equine Superstore, Upcountry Storehouse, Horsemart, Horseclicks, Gunstar and Caravans for Sale to name a few.

The Need For a New HQ

Friday Media Group’s previous HQ located at Sayers Common was primarily built to cater for the needs of a print business. The company’s business was set up back in 1974 as a traditional print publication, which used to print up to 1.5 million copies of the weekly free-to-pick-up classified newspaper, Friday-Ad.

With the dawn of the internet and increasing digitisation, the business now attracts more than 10 million visitors a month to its niche-based online marketplaces, brands and stores in the UK and beyond.

Sam Kidger, Group CEO at Friday Media Group, says “The decision to relocate our head office has been taken to meet the growing needs of the company in terms of space, geographical and strategic positioning, as well as talent acquisition and retention.”

Vision Behind this Project

The move to Clarendon Mansions HQ will allow the company to address key business challenges, create an inspiring environment for its team and make this new HQ the flagship for the group. Moreover, it will give Friday Media Group a new home to continue on its journey of digital innovation.

Despite its global operation with offices in Miami, Barcelona, Bangalore, Lahore, Preston and Pembroke, Brighton will remain the group’s nerve centre.

Joe Kidger, Group Managing Director at Friday Media Group, comments “Our new state-of-art HQ has been designed on the Platform 9 type model, which includes building a coworking space and forging a collaborative culture. Being located in the centre of Brighton, a developing digital hub, will be useful both in terms of being closer to like minded businesses, and being able to attract the sort of talent that the company needs to grow further.”

Hamid Shafi, Group Director Finance & Operations, says “The new HQ will further streamline business operations for the group, and being situated in the heart of Brighton will bring more business opportunities and better growth prospects.”

Infrastructure of Clarendon Mansions

The building comprises a ground and lower ground floor. The main work space has been developed on the ground floor with natural light, maximised with windows all round overlooking the seafront. Clarendon Mansions previously housed a pub and night club on the lower ground floor.

The new office space exudes a modern look and feel, while some of the original features such as the brickwork, pillars and floorboards have been retained. In order to maximise the space, built-in desks have also been set up. Hot desking will be highly encouraged at the new HQ.

The offices are mainly on the ground floor with a seafront-side lobby . A digital cafe, breakout areas and meeting rooms have been built in the basement. Clarendon Mansions HQ has been designed with a new hybrid flexible working approach,  and to create a conducive environment for the team.

Rob Anderson, Group Director Product & Delivery, comments “We expect the new technologically advanced HQ to sky-rocket our team’s motivation and enhance their ability to further innovate and improve our products.”