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‘Rehome-ber’ for November! RSPCA Cymru urge to ‘adopt, don’t shop’

Buster and Fallon - Newport

After a period of local lockdowns and a two-week firebreak – rehoming in RSPCA animal centres across Wales has faced a few challenges.

Local lockdowns meant rehoming was temporarily only allowed to those within the centre’s county – reducing the numbers of adoptees coming forward – and the firebreak saw the closure of RSPCA Newport Animal Centre and RSPCA Bryn Y Maen Animal Centre (Upper Colwyn Bay) to the public, where only limited rehoming was available virtually. RSPCA Llys Nini Animal Centre in Swansea – which is run by the Llys Nini Branch – also closed its doors during the firebreak.

However, RSPCA rescuers across Wales have continued to deal with incidents of cruelty and neglect – which means more animals have come into the care of the animal welfare charity.

As our ‘Adoptober’ rehoming campaign was paused in Wales due to the firebreak – we’re now turning to ‘Rehome-ber for November’.

Although the animal centres remain closed for the walk-in public, there will now be an opportunity for rehoming appointments. Virtual rehoming and animals delivered by RSPCA critical workers will continue – but there will be exceptions made for certain rehoming appointments and pre-arranged collection of animals.

RSPCA operations manager Coralie Farren said: “We are really pleased to be able to move further forward with rehoming in our animal centres as we come out of the firebreak lockdown.

“Although we continue to rehome virtually as much as possible, we are now able to welcome back visitors for rehoming purposes via appointment on a case-by-case basis.

“We will of course be maintaining all the required Covid regulations and each visit will be carefully managed by our dedicated staff on site.

“We have so many animals looking for their forever home – who may have been waiting that little bit longer due to restrictions.

“If you are interested in adopting a pet you can visit our Find A Pet website to find out more information about the wonderful pets looking for their second chance of happiness and for more details about the adoption process.

“We’re sadly not able to accept those travelling from England to our centres due to the Covid restrictions – but please still submit a Perfect Match application form if you are interested to adopt as animals may be able to be delivered to new owners in a Covid-compliant manner by RSPCA staff.”

Many people have found they now have more time on their hands during the lockdowns and amid other Covid-related restrictions, so it is unsurprising that many have sought a pet to keep them company. However, RSPCA Cymru continues to urge anyone thinking of getting a pet to consider whether they can care for them in the long-term – and not just for a pandemic.

Staff at RSPCA centres will provide all the information and guidance on what it takes to care for a rescue pet – with the charity advising adoptees making sure they have the time, money and resources to care for the pet for the rest of their lives.

RSPCA Newport Animal Centre is currently looking for a forever home for two mastiffs – a mother and son – Fallon and Buster. They are very friendly and really love each other’s company. Fallon, the mum, is more energetic and bouncy whereas Buster is a big gentle softie – and centre staff are crossing their fingers for the perfect match for them.

Staff at the centre are looking for homes for a number of rabbits too – Jessie, Gabby and Bo Peep, and another rabbit Alexander, who came into the charity’s care together. Staff are also hoping for a forever home for rabbit Buzz who had to have an entropion operation on his eye and has a quirky crooked ear as he was picked on when first born.

While staff at Bryn Y Maen have a number of degus looking for homes – Everest, Ben & Nevis and the very friendly Percival. The animal centre also has two cockerels and a number of hens looking for an experienced poultry home. One group is Charlston and his two hens – Tango and Salsa – who came into RSPCA from very poor conditions.

Deputy centre manager, Rachel Gibbs, said: “Since they have been with us they have done incredibly well and are ready to start their new life in a loving home.

“They can not live with any other chickens other than the ones they are currently living with and they will require a large, secure and enclosed area with shelter. We really hope to see them go to their forever home soon. Please get in touch with a Perfect Match form if you are interested.”

RSPCA Llys Nini Branch is currently looking for a special home for a pair of rabbits who need to be rehomed together. Arya and Sansa, who are around two years old, came into the Swansea centre together via an RSPCA inspector. RSPCA Llys Nini is also able to open for rehoming by the virtual process and pre-arranged appointments only.

The branch is also looking for a special home for Reuben, a Shar Pei/Crossbreed who is full of life and is super affectionate. Reuben does suffer from a condition called Colour Dilution Alopecia and has very sensitive skin which will need to be carefully managed throughout his life. Staff at the centre will be more happy to advise further on this needs. Please visit https://rspca-llysnini.org.uk/ for more information on the Llys Nini Branch.

Donating £50 could help feed all the rescued animals in one of our centres for a day. This winter, the RSPCA expects to rescue thousands of animals from neglect, cruelty and suffering. To help our rescue teams reach the thousands of animals who desperately need us, visit www.rspca.org.uk/xmas and Join the Christmas Rescue #JoinTheRescue.