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Review: BMW iX2 XDrive 30 SAC 2024

If you thought that BMW don’t just build cars but also desires, you don’t have to look further than the new iX2 XDrive 30 sports activity coupe to appreciate the fact.

Announced last autumn with the second generation X2 series including its petrol powered stablemates from £39,365, the iX2 20 and 30 series models were their first pure electric versions, and naturally there is an M Sport derivative, which we tested. The iX20 begins from £50,710 in two-wheel drive.

Out car cost £56,540 and was fitted with over £9,124 of options inc. M Sport Pro pack, Technology Plus Pack,  surround sound audio system, large sunroof with anti-glare glass, heated steering wheel and interior camera.

BMW claim to have created the Sports Activity Coupe sector with the X2 series but now they are looking ahead to the pure electric era.

Like most BEVs, the iX2 models are not cheap even alongside their petrol stablemates, but BMW has gone to town on the sophistication and refinement and the XDrive 30 M Sport we tested must be one of the best of the new generation of pure electric cars for families. Better off families that is, or more likely be acquired on a pcp or through a business.

However you acquire the iX2 it’s going to please you unless you have a big family which needs more rear seat room.

The highly advanced powertrain packs a punch and in the M Sport it is very responsive, quick off the mark and eager to accelerate. Top speed is probably academic for most drivers, it’s the way it goes on main roads and keeps up with motorway traffic.

BMW iX2 XDrive 30 SAC

But that’s only part of the story because the M Sport’s powertrain software is very technical, not only permitting the driver to select the amount of retardation to use but it also learns driving style of a user to feed back power in the most economical and desirable way.

So you may start a trip with an indicated range but over the course of the journey that can lengthen or shorten, depending on how you are driving at any time and the system works out the best for you. It is very good at what it does.

Power comes in very smoothly and strongly without any jerkiness and it slows down quickly with motor-braking even before you apply the brake pedal, so it becomes a single pedal operation utilising the accelerator pedal alone if you want. Autohold was very good on our regular test hill.

BMW iX2 XDrive 30 SAC

It has a chunky M Sport leather wrapped, and with our option was heated, wheel which had very good feedback, suffered no vibration or kickback and showed a compact turning circle in town without being twitchy on more open roads.

Secondary switches were mostly grouped on the column stalks or wheel-spokes and very clearly marked with heating and ventilation setting below the big central infotainment screen in the centre of the fascia. That carried most of the convenience controls inc. media choices, navigation and phone settings as well as more complex ways into the powertrain settings etc..

Another group of driving aids were gathered on the central console tray carrying the drive selection modes, so it all made sense.

Infront of the driver were the main dials for speed and electrical performance, range etc together with warnings.

The car’s interior comfort was good with excellent climate controls, quick to change and wide ranging with low noise level from the fan, good output and directional control.

Oddments room was fair, not generous, and the front console tray was not much use under a rigid armrest  while those behind had little provision. It was well provided for with USBs and the sprung clip holding a mobile phone in the wireless charging dock. The sunroof was big, operated quickly, quietly and smoothly.

BMW iX2 XDrive 30 SAC

For the front seats there was a lot of adjustment room and taller users would appreciate the additional extending thigh support as well as the reach and rake range. The cushion and squab wrapped around occupants and was well shaped to give a lot of support and comfort.

BMW iX2 XDrive 30 SAC

The rear seats were really a 2+1 arrangement with limited legroom and the middle seat would suit only someone with a small body but the ISO fixings were limited to the two outmost sets, not the smaller middle one, which seems odd to me.

Access was easy through the cabin and into the loadspace behind which could be quickly increased in capacity by folding flat the rear backrests. Total capacity is a little less than the squarer X1 petrol stablemate but it’s still good. Power cables have their own lower boot compartment so the loadspace is flat, clear and well shaped.

Visibility is excellent to front and sides with good wipers and lights, but over the shoulder and reversing requires care with a high waistline, sloping roofline and a back window without a wiper, so you rely on the car’s sensors and cameras, which are good and hope the air passage over the roof sweeps away moisture on the back window.

Ride and handling were excellent. It is a tall car giving a good view of the road and surrounding, but it handled more like a sporting coupe thanks to the weight of the powertrain low down in the bodywork and roadholding was good, with a neutral handling nature in tight bends.

Potholes and bumps were covered without much drama or shock being felt, just some increased road and suspension rumblings heard.

We covered well over 300 miles during our test and found the usable range on a charge to be about 260 miles but it indicated it might reach 284 miles, so it pays to be light-footed.

Without doubt the BMW iX2 30Drive M Sport is a very impressive new generation pure electric model which blends technology with tactile appeal in a way that some new BEVs fail to match.


BMW iX2 XDrive 30 M Sport

  • Price: £66,570, inc options
  • Mechanical: 313hp motor, 64.8kWh battery, 4WD
  • Max Speed: 112mph
  • 0-62mph: 5.6 sec
  • Range: 266 miles
  • Insurance Group: 38
  • C02 emissions: Zero
  • Bik rating:  2%, £ZeroFY, £590SRx5
  • Warranty:  3yrs/ unlimited miles
  • Rating: 4.5/ 5
  • Size: L4.56m, W2.11m, H1.56m
  • Bootspace: 525 to 1400 litres
  • Kerbweight: 2020kg

For: Sophisticated powertrain, refined interior, very comfortable, good range, highly equipped, excellent handling, very quiet, potentially strong residual value

Against: Blindspots to rear, no rear wiper, tight in rear seats, modest oddments room for family car.