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Review: The Best of Wales Comedy Gala at Wales Millennium Centre

Last night some of Wales’ very best comedy acts came together on the big stage to showcase their talents – and oh boi were we left in stitches!

It’s quite a rarity to have such an array of comedy all in one place and for one night only. However, that’s exactly what audiences received at the Wales Millennium Centre (WMC) as Little Wander (founders of Machynlleth & Aberystwyth Comedy Festivals) brought acts to the big room… The Donald Gordon Theatre!

Robin Morgan

The evening was packed full of laughs with some of Wales’ finest comics including Mike Bubbins, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Tudur Owen, Carys Eleri, Leroy Brito and Anna Thomas. Host Robin Morgan was on fine form and it was great to see him grace the bigger stage, as someone we’d often see across the road at The Glee Club. Oh by the way, did you know he definitely has a wife? Just in case you had forgotten.

Wales Millennium Centre. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

For a venue that boasts a near 2,500 capacity and the second largest stage in Europe, it at first seems difficult to imagine a lonely comic taking to the stage with little else than a microphone (and clothes, obviously). However, the stage setup with its drapes and extended stage across what would be the orchestral pit, created an unexpected intimate space where you felt up close and personal with the artist. This may have been a one man, one woman show, but they filled space and then some with laughter that really raised the roof.

The evening’s line up featured not one, but six fantastic (seven including Robin!) Welsh comics and for £22.50 a ticket, offered tremendous value for money, something which the Little Wander is known for with their festivals.

Many of you will know Mike Bubbins as the co-host The Socially Distant Sports Bar podcast or from TV show Tourist Trap. And if you don’t know him from any of those, you’ll certainly recognise and dig his 70s look, complete with boot cut jeans, floral shirt and ””’real moustache””’. How can we describe Mike? The type of guy you’d love to have a pint with and one that says what we are all thinking.

Tudur Owen

BAFTA award-winning comedian Tudur Owen, also Tourist Trap colleague of Bubbins, is of course no stranger to BBC sitcoms and radio. The North Walian resident stays true to his roots and can often be found questioning the ways of the Welsh language – and his wife.

Performer and singer, Carys Eleri returned to the stage with her own charismatic style and self-deprecating anecdotes. Carys certainly put in a tune or two into her act, which went down a treat. After all, we are in the land of song are we not? A true Welshy with a voice to match.

Let’s just say, I really hope Kiri Pritchard-McLean’s brother was not in the audience last night, as she was not afraid to share all of her escapades and sexual exploits. It may have been eye watering for some, but the audience really digged her vibe, and wether we hate to admit it or not, but was pretty relatable with the vast majority nodding in agreement.

Leroy Brito

Cardiff boy Leroy Brito was an absolute smash last night with his streets to stage comedy. Eagled-eyed viewers will also remember him from the Tourist Trap. The only thing missing from last night’s comedy gig was Visit Wales as sponsors, I really feel they missed a trick there. 247 readers may also remember Leroy from our story last year on him getting called out on stage after wanting to run a marathon. But that’s precisely what he is known for, Leroy is very down to earth, chilled, and isn’t afraid to back up his words. You can see why people like him so much… nice one!

Anna Thomas also needs a shout out from us too. The Welsh comedian who the BBC New Comedy Award in 2021 offered another perspective on life, and one perhaps more relatable to the ladies in the audience with her self-deprecating boob humour. Sharing comic versions of well known songs with her Ukulele, Anna left the audience laughing along.

It’s certainly a comedy night to remember, and we hope that Little Wander don’t leave us waiting too long for a return visit to the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.