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Rhug Estate visitors encouraged to ‘Swap to Organic’ as part of Organic September

Organic September, the UK’s largest campaign to support organic farmers and producers, will be encouraging everyone to make planet-positive decisions, to show that nature has the answer, and a small swap can make a big difference.

Throughout September Rhug Estate will be taking part in the scheme to entice customers to make one swap to an organic product.

Organic September is about celebrating everything organic and the hard work and dedication that goes into growing and making it work with nature, not against it. The year 2020 has brought huge changes to our world – now, more than ever, we are all seeking solutions that help restore nature, health and our climate.

With one small swap to organic consumers can take a tangible action to support a more sustainable future for the world in which we live in – by supporting wildlife and high animal welfare; helping combat climate change and enjoying food as it should be. Organic works with nature, not against it, by protecting our soil, our wildlife and our world.

Unable to carry out something he did not believe in, Lord Newborough converted the land at Rhug, in Denbighshire, north Wales, to organic in 1998 when he inherited the conventional beef and sheep farm from his father. The satisfaction Lord Newborough gets from organic farming is unmeasurable and his passion for organic farming is never ending. Under an organic system the farm benefits from rich organic pastures that the animals are free to graze in a stress-free environment. The animals’ live life as nature intended with minimal stress and the highest quality of life.

Lord Newborough said, “Farming organically has to come from the heart, you have to believe in what you are doing and embrace all the good aspects of farming in this way. I am lucky to have a team around me that share my beliefs and recognise the importance of sustainable farming and maintaining the high standards of animal welfare that are practised in organic farming. Encouraging consumers to make the switch to organic has been my mission for many years.”

Rhug is one of the few remaining true ‘field to plate’ operations where animals are bred on the farm, fed on feed grown on the farm and finished on the farm, then butchered, cut and dispatched to customers at home and abroad.