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Rhyl’s mayor to serve a second term in office

Cllr Ellie Chard

RHYL’S mayor is to serve a second consecutive term in office in a ‘historic’ move made in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Cllr Ellie Chard was due to hand over the mayoral reins to deputy Cllr Diane King at an annual general meeting of Rhyl Town Council planned for tomorrow.

But given the disruption to council meetings caused by COVID19, councillors have agreed that Cllr Chard should continue in office for another year.

The move is in line with Welsh Government legislation brought in to help town councils adjust to current circumstances.

Town clerk Gareth Nickels said: “Like most organisations, we find ourselves in unprecedented times with a unique set of challenges. It will be some time before council can meet in the same way as it has previously. And, whilst council business continues and the people of Rhyl continue to be served, we could have been looking at a position where a new mayor would serve a much shorter term than usual given it is more difficult to hold an annual general meeting.

“Given there are no public functions currently, there is less for a mayor to attend. However, the position of mayor is an important one for town council business so Cllr Chard has kindly agreed to stay on for another year. Cllr King will now be able to serve her full mayoral year in 2021. The decision will be formally ratified when the Council is able to hold its annual meeting later in the year but both councillors have written themselves into the history books and we are grateful to them, and to all the councillors, for agreeing to this.”

It will be the first time in the town council’s history that a mayor and a deputy mayor have served two consecutive full terms.

Cllr Ellie Chard said: “I considered it an honour to be elected as mayor in 2019, to serve and work for the people of Rhyl and feel the same about the year ahead.

“Many people, especially those on the front line and providing key services, need our support, now more than ever, and as a council we are committed to

doing what we can to help the people of Rhyl. It will be some time before council business can be conducted in the normal way, so I am happy to continue

and thank Cllr King for her understanding and agreement on the way forward.”

The town council and officers are continuing to work and, although the offices are closed, the council can be reached via [email protected]