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Rough sleeping pocket book released for Homeless World Cup

Part of the Homeless World Cup legacy will be a waterproof pocket book for people rough sleeping, produced by leading homelessness and rough sleeping charity The Wallich. The information inside was curated by Marky Quinn, a former rough sleeper who sadly passed away this year.
Marky’s Rough Guide to Rough Sleeping in Cardiff includes a map of Cardiff, advice based on his personal experiences, phone numbers and a list of where food, clothes and advice can be obtained on each day of the week.
The curator, Marky Quinn, was a former chef who found himself homeless at the age of 35. Mr Quinn, who slept in Cardiff car parks, doorways and beneath a bush in Bute Park over a two-year period, sadly passed away earlier this year. Marky worked with The Wallich to launch the first edition in 2009. All information has now been updated and reprinted in his memory.
The Rough Guide to Rough Sleeping in Cardiff has been produced with support from Moondance Foundation and to coincide with the Homeless World Cup 2019, which will be held in Bute Park from 27 July – 2 August.
The booklet, which aims to help people who are experiencing homelessness, has given a poignant new take on the phrase “rough guide”. In sharp contrast to the popular travel guides listing must-see sights and the best places to eat, a new guide to rough sleeping shows how it is possible to navigate life on the streets of Cardiff. 
The work is a true urban survival guide, complete with hints on how to look after a dog while homeless, keep your clothes dry and stay safe at night. Alongside landmarks such as the Principality Stadium and the St Davids 2 Shopping Centre, the map shows where it is possible to get a meal and accommodation.
Describing his own experiences, Cardiff-born Mr Quinn wrote in 2009, “When I landed on the street, I thought it was a temporary situation, and something would just turn up. It was bitterly cold. It was a constant battle, just finding somewhere to sleep, something to eat…It’s like living on a desert island. Where do you have a shave? Where do you have a wash?”
He urged people to look at homeless people in a new light, saying, “There are brilliant people out there who just need to get back into society. They are not a hindrance; they are people who need help.”
Amy Lee Pierce, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at The Wallich, said, “We are so pleased to be rekindling Marky’s work for the Homeless World Cup. Marky loved football, and the tournament seems the appropriate place to celebrate his legacy. Giving our service users a voice is so important to us and we hope the tone of this booklet and the fact that it is written by someone with direct experience will make it more engaging and encourage those sleeping rough to reach out for support.”
Welcoming teams from more than 50 countries, the Homeless World Cup is a space for people who have experienced homelessness to boost their confidence, skills and feel part of a thriving football community. The Wallich will be on-site for the whole week to engage with those who present as homeless at the tournament and access the support available.