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Safest ways to use free public Wi-Fi in Wales

In this day and age, there seems to always be a new cybersecurity risk that internet users need to beware of.

In fact, experts assert that there are ways to learn how to become a hacker for as little as $1. This makes taking the necessary precautions to keep your sensitive data protected while browsing the web more vital than ever. In other words, no matter where you live, work, or travel, cybersecurity is always an issue. This is especially the case for those who are frequent users of public Wi-Fi.

Since cybersecurity breaches are purported to cost businesses and organizations approximately $6 trillion annually, it has become clear to most people that being protected on the web is no longer a luxury. Moreover, given that customers and individuals are typically the targets of these data breaches, companies, organizations, and individuals alike should be much more careful as it pertains to surfing the web. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to protect your personal information and keep it safe. In particular, using a VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a great method of keeping yourself safe while you’re online. Even if you are an international traveler, a VPN can keep you safe, no matter where you may roam. The following is a closer look at VPNs and how they can protect you while surfing on public Wi-Fi in Wales.

What is a VPN?

A service available to businesses, organizations, as well as the general public, a VPN is a service that you can pay for monthly or annually, in order to protect yourself while surfing the web. In particular, a VPN helps to make your network more secure by making you appear to be anonymous to other users who may be attempting to steal your personal information.

By creating a secure tunnel between the user and VPN provider, this service assists in keeping user information secure by scrambling the data being sent within this secure tunnel. The use of this secure tunnel makes it virtually impossible for hackers and other sinister parties to access information being sent. Although a VPN uses the existing lines that are used by everyone on the internet, the scrambling of data and the use of encryption that is inherent in VPN’s makes it highly difficult for people with ill intentions to access, view, or steal users’ information as the data may only be accessed if the user has a specific access key to decrypt it.

Do I need a VPN When Traveling to Wales?

First of all, virtually everyone can benefit from purchasing a VPN service. However, if you are traveling to places such as Wales, and concerned about your ability to stay safe while surfing on public networks, you should definitely be considering investing in this service. This will allow you to reap the following benefits while surfing the web in Wales, or virtually anywhere else in the world:

  • Public Wi-Fi Security- Purchasing a VPN service will allow you to maintain a secure connection even when you are surfing on public networks.
  • Camouflage Mode- Using a VPN, you can remain anonymous from others surfing on the networks you are using while at home or traveling abroad. You will not have to worry yourself with the potential being exposed to or tracked by potential hackers.
  • Blocking of Ads, Malware, Trackers, and More- A VPN will also make it possible to block harmful software such as ads, malware, trackers, as well as the efforts of hackers, and other people and that may have an interest in accessing your personal data.
  • Encryption- Using premium level encryption, the AES-256-GCM is the highest level of encryption and makes it possible for the information to remain safe from troublesome parties.
  • Privacy During Banking and Other Transactions Containing Sensitive Information- Keeping your personal banking information safe is imperative for those who may be traveling internationally. By purchasing a VPN, this will allow your personal information to remain secure while using banking, shopping sites, and apps, as well as while you’re sharing other sensitive financial information online.
  • Multi-Device Protection- One of the best benefits of purchasing a VPN is that it also offers you the ability to protect multiple devices using one VPN network.
  • Skirt Censorship- No matter where you travel in the world, using a VPN will make it is possible to bypass censorship rules and regulations.
  • Kill Switch- One of the best features of a VPN is the kill switch. This is an automatic deactivation button that “kills” the internet connection in the event that the VPN connection drops without your knowledge. This means if you’re surfing the web and experience an issue with your VPN, the kill switch will interrupt the connection, so the user does not have to be concerned about being connected to the network unprotected.
  • No Logs- Lastly, you will never have to worry about other users accessing your records or other information that may be stored on your device. A VPN service will make it possible for you to surf without saving and storing logs detailing your search history.

Protect your information with a VPN?

If you are traveling to a place such as Wales and are wondering should you purchase a VPN service to protect your personal information while surfing on public Wi-Fi, the answer is yes! Purchasing a VPN is a highly cost-effective way to keep your sensitive information safe from harmful parties and software. A VPN is also one of the best ways to ensure your information is protected, no matter what type of network you’re on or where in the world you choose to live, work, or travel. Moreover, purchasing a VPN service is also an excellent way to save your own data as you use streaming services and other apps that can serve to slow down your personal home and/or mobile network overtime. Either way, a VPN is an excellent option for those who frequently travel and have concerns about keeping their information as safe as possible.