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Sequel to Caroline Sabin’s sell out dark comedy In Pursuit of Maud heads to Wales

Caroline Sabin’s follow up to her sell-out show Mysterious Maud’s Chambers of Fantastical Truth in 2018 and more recently, Castell Coch in 2021, will tour this Spring.

In Pursuit of Maud will feature Caroline Sabin’s dark comedy hallmarks…including the characters Igor and Maud and an experiment that’s gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Opening at Insole Court, Cardiff on 14 – 19 and 21 – 26 February, followed by The Ulcheldre Centre, Anglesey 5 March and Torch Theatre, Milford Haven on 30 March, In Pursuit of Maudwill be a blend of musical, comedy, theatre, dance and film, and you may even recognise a new twist on a few popular songs too.

In Pursuit of Maud is the tale of Igor and Maud. Igor is a simple soul. He lives in a castle with his mistress ‘Mad’ Scientist Maud, and together they do mad scientist things like generating electricity by rubbing two cats together or creating an octopus with the head of a vole. You know…normal stuff.

But one day the pair attempt a brain swapping procedure between Maud and an albatross (she wanted to experience flying) and it goes horribly, horribly wrong. Maud’s body escapes and heads for the hills and Igor is left alone with his beloved employer’s brain floating helplessly in a jar….

In Pursuit of Maud will be a visually beautiful cabaret style show featuring a witty and darklyhilarious musical solo performance from Igor, played by Rowan Talbot. Igor will delight the audience with songs, jokes, slapstick and story. Played out in front of a magical filmed backdrop, created by Bafta award winner Chris Crow (The Lighthouse), audiences will follow Maud on screen as she treks across some of Wales most iconic landscapes.

Caroline Sabin is known for making extraordinary theatrical experiences in Cardiff, all of which have had sell out runs since 2012. Her previous work has also included  A Curious Zoo, which was performed in her own house in Canton, and Blood on the Snow, which transformed NoFit State’s home into a Narniaesque winter solstice experience. Her work is joyfully uplifting with a sprinkle of curiosity, hope and wonderment.

Caroline Sabin said, ”The fabulously musical Igor is everyone’s favourite psychopath. He’ll make you laugh, cry and possibly wonder whether you’ll get home with all your limbs still attached.”

In Pursuit of Maud will be at Insole Court, Cardiff (14 – 19 and 21 – 26 February); The Ulcheldre Centre, Anglesey (5 March) and Torch Theatre, Milford Haven (30 March).

Suitable for everyone 12 and above.