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Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Boost Their Social Media Presence

Small business owners need to wear a lot of hats. From admin and HR to marketing manager, you have to handle every aspect of your business management, and it can be stressful and challenging.

To make things easier, you can learn some basic skills in important sectors. One area that every business needs to focus on is social media marketing.

Many business leaders, particularly members of the older generation, view social media as something fun to play with, but they sometimes overlook its many benefits for the business market.

It can help with almost every aspect of digital marketing, from generating leads to improving brand recognition and everything in between.

So, for small business leaders who aren’t social media savvy, here are some easy ways to make the most of social media.

Use Videos To Get Noticed

Video content is accessible to a range of viewers and can be a simple way to make even the most boring of subjects fun and easy to understand. Also, with the help of video production experts like Digital Finch, you can easily get high-quality digital videos made that will achieve your goals. You won’t have to do much yourself, so you can sit back and relax as an expert turns your idea into an inventive video that your audience will love. From initial research to completion, the Digital Finch team can ensure that your project goes without a hitch, then all you have to do is come up with a few words to summarise and hit share!

Plan Ahead Using Celebration Days

Planning your social media posts ahead of time makes it easier for you to know what’s going out and when, and saves a last-minute scramble to put a post together. As such, you should put together a rough list of future posts. Planning ahead is easier if you learn about specific celebration days that are relevant to your niche and write posts about those. You can link them to your business and consider offering deals or promotions to get noticed by potential customers. For more serious days, such as memorials or anniversaries of tragic events, you can produce more sombre posts that aren’t about your business but can still improve brand recognition and highlight your company’s human side and community presence.

Experiment With Emojis

For business leaders, using graphics on company social media pages might seem unprofessional, but it can actually be useful for anyone who wants to show their human side and appeal to a wider audience on social media. Emojies need to be used in the right context, and it’s important that you check that there are no hidden meanings behind them- if you don’t know about the eggplant emoji, you need to look it up! Use an emoji dictionary to check for any meanings that aren’t immediately obvious, and then try to use emojis in your posts and responses.

Be Bold And Witty

The brands with the biggest social media presence are the ones that are witty, funny and at least a little self-deprecating. It’s a fine line between wit and arrogance, especially when it comes to replying to online comments, so start with your posts and try to write funny, engaging content that could be picked up on by meme creators and social media commentators. Another great technique for many brands on social media is to interact with other businesses in their niche and have funny banter with them. It might take time to get the tone right, so practice on businesses that you know and joke with them, to find ways to get noticed as a playful account. This approach only applies to B2C businesses in lifestyle niches, such as food, fitness, cosmetics and others. If you’re in a serious niche, such as funeral directing or medicine, then you’ll need to opt for a more professional tone. However, for consumer goods providers, a witty and funny approach can be fun and engaging.

Learn How To Make The Most Of New Updates And Techniques

Like every other aspect of the technology market, social media is always evolving. There are new updates, extra tools for businesses, techniques that have become popular and fresh emojis to try out. If you fall behind, it’ll be noticeable to your customers and competitors, so you should work to stay ahead of the curve. Conducting extensive research into social media trends can be time-consuming, and as a busy company leader, you’ve got better things to be spending your time on. Luckily for you, there are plenty of informative social media newsletters that are delivered right to your inbox and contain a range of updates and insights. Sign up for a few and set aside a time to go through them each week, so you’re always on top of the latest social media trends. You’ll then be able to build a robust presence on the platforms your target audience uses and start growing your business digitally.