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Skate park could be leased to Mumbles Community Council

Llwynderw, West Cross

The development of a new skate park at a seafront site in Llwynderw, West Cross, could take a big step forward next week.

On January 21, the cabinet and site owner Swansea Council, is to discuss a recommendation that the location is leased to Mumbles Community Council which has planning permission for the skate park.

Cabinet members will consider a report that details how a recent public consultation on the proposed used of the site had attracted overwhelmingly positive feedback.

If members agree to leasing the site, the community council will – once lease terms have been agreed – be free to develop the site.

David Hopkins, cabinet member for delivery and operations, said: “There’s overwhelming community support for the project, with only a small number of objections for the site’s use as a skate park.

“Positive factors stated by those who took part in our consultation included benefits for health, wellbeing and mental and physical fitness.

“They said there was the potential to create a positive ethos within the skating community, with young adults teaching young children, and that this would build self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

“We were told that the skate park is something people of all ages can get involved with, that it is family friendly and accessible to all. The location was considered suitable, with easy access.”

Robert Francis Davies, cabinet member for investment, regeneration and tourism, said: “The Llwynderw skatepark is a well-located hub for the Swansea skate community.

“The site has numerous positive factors making it a suitable location with potential to further enhance the Blackpill activity area.

“Re-use of the current site and facility is appropriate and more sustainable than creating a new skatepark elsewhere in the Mumbles area.

“The planning process showed that the site has a majority of support from the community and skatepark users.”

The public consultation took place last month (note: December). It was the latest stage in the proposal to create the skate park at the site which currently has a single skate ramp.

Mumbles Community Council was granted planning permission for the skate park last year, subject them demonstrating that this was the best location via a process of due diligence which explored the impact, feasibility and comparative benefits of other sites.

An independent review of sites, undertaken by the community council in liaison with  Swansea Council officers, concluded that the Llwynderw site was indeed the most suitable location to host the facility.

The development of the facility requires a 25-year long-term lease. The lease, which will see the community council take on full responsibility for the land, will allow the scheme to go ahead. The land will be in the safe-keeping of the community council.