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Skinny and lethargic cat found in Chepstow prompts search

The RSPCA is searching for information after a skinny and lethargic cat was found in Chepstow.

Officers from the charity responded to reports of a black and white cat, spotted on Heather Close in the Monmouthshire town.

The female cat was microchipped – however, the residents reported to the RSPCA that they had given up ownership of the cat many years ago.

An appeal for information has been launched – seeking either an owner of the cat, or anyone with information about what may have happened to the feline. The cat was sporting a blue collar, and sadly she has a weeping eye.

RSPCA animal collection officer Stephanie Davidson said: “What has happened to this poor cat is something of a mystery – and we’re really hoping either an owner will come forward, or someone will have information about what has gone on.

“This poor cat was spotted in the Heather Close area of Chepstow. She was very skinny – suggesting she may have been away from home for some while, and seemed very lethargic.

“A microchip on the cat led us to a local address – but residents say they have not owned the cat for many, many years. As such, we’re really hoping residents may come forward who know something about this cat.

“Should anyone have any information concerning this Chepstow cat, they can contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”