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Slot Games with the lowest RTP

Are you fed up of losing more money than you are winning whilst engaging in online slot gambling sessions at one of the thousands of online casinos around these days?

Some gamblers just cannot seem to catch a lucky break, and often end up losing way more cash than they would ever win whilst spinning the reels of these incredible little gambling games at https://www.megareel.com/all-games. It is tempting to just blame fate, but the reality is that many of these gamblers are inflicting this on themselves through poor slot game choice.

The reality is that each online slot has slightly different odds attached to it, and this means that some games are just naturally going to pay out more or less than others. But how do you find out what the odds of each game are? Well, this comes down to a piece of information called RTP, essentially a percentage value that indicates the average amount people will win back from a slot game. Read ahead for some slot games with the lowest RTP in the industry. 

Mega Joker 

Gamblers will be accustomed to seeing the NetEnt title Mega Joker on lists of slots with the highest RTP, so it may come as a surprise to see that we have listed it under slot games with the lowest RTP here. Here’s the thing though: Mega Joker is an incredibly high variance slot game, and whilst its RTP is above 99% when betting with the full bet amounts, it isn’t always the case. 

In fact, low rollers playing Mega Joker will most likely have an absolutely torrid time and wonder what they signed for. This is because the RTP of this online slot, modelled after the Las Vegas Megabucks machines, can plunge all the way down to 70% if gamblers are betting with the smallest coin denominations possible. 

X-Men 50 Lines 

We all know how popular superhero themed online slots can be in the 21st century, however gamblers will probably want to stay away from this one, as the RTP is an incredibly meagre 92%. Judging by the title you would think that 50 pay lines would provide perfectly fertile ground for some slot wins, however this just isn’t the case here. 

What’s more is that this slot comes from Playtech, the people behind Ugga Bugga, which has an RTP of 99+%, so it is definitely unusual. The licensing costs for the X-Men theme is probably to blame for this slot not being the best for your bank roll. 

Sassy Bingo 

Microgaming are one of the most consistently innovative online slot developers and they prove it here with Sassy Bingo, a combination of online slots and online bingo. These are two of the most popular gambling avenues of the 21st century, so it makes perfect sense to blend them together. 

What doesn’t make perfect sense is the RTP that clocks in at well below 94%, and it is something that will likely put gamblers off.