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Stray corn snake found in Brynmawr after motorcycle near-miss

Credit: RSPCA Cymru

The RSPCA is searching for the owner of a stray corn snake found in Brynmawr.

Officers from the animal welfare charity were contacted after the snake was found by a member of the public on Somerset Street in the South Wales town, last Tuesday (2 June).

Reports to the RSPCA suggest the loose snake had a near-miss incident with a motorcycle, but fortunately has no injuries. RSPCA Cymru now hopes an owner of the snake can be found and has urged anyone with information to contact them.

The incident highlights the importance of appropriate, secure accommodation for exotic pets – to avoid the opportunity of an unplanned escape.

RSPCA inspector Darren Oakley said: “Corn snakes can be terrific escape artists – and this one was found on the loose on Somerset Street in Brynmawr.

“It is thought a motorcycle had come close to running over this poor snake – but thankfully it seems to have been a near miss, as there were no injuries. The snake is currently in our care.

“We’re sure somebody is missing this orange and red corn snake, so anyone with information can contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

“The RSPCA regularly responds to calls about escaped exotic pets, and this incident is a reminder about the importance of secure and appropriate accommodation for these animals, who have such complex needs.

“It can also be possible to microchip snakes and we would recommend that owners ask their exotics vet to do this, to help ensure escaped pets can more easily be reunited with their owners.”

The needs of snakes in captivity are just the same as they would be in the wild and it is vital that owners ensure their accommodation is always secure, safe and appropriate. Reptile owners must thoroughly research the needs of the particular species and what is required in the care of the animal, using expert sources, and only consider keeping one if they can ensure they are fully able to provide for these needs.

Many owners are concerned about caring for their pets amid the Coronavirus – or Covid-19 – outbreak. There’s lots of advice and help on the RSPCA website.