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Successful mumpreneur from Glynneath pens best-seller

26 year old, Steffi Addison, is a mum of one from Glynneath in South Wales who recently penned a best-seller, as a book she co-authored went straight in at number 1 on the Amazon best seller charts in; Business Consulting and Entrepreneurship alongside books by; Sir Richard Branson, Baroness Karren Brady, Sir Alan Sugar, Carrie Green and Jo Malone – it is also sitting as the number one hot new release just about every category.

[aoa id=”1″]Only 5 years ago Steffi struggled with her self-esteem and her confidence was at an all-time low, as she felt overwhelmed and stuck in her career but in this book she openly shares her highs and lows, charting the struggles she experienced, alongside revealing her insights on how she overcame such challenges, in a bid to inspire others looking to make a change in 2019, as part of her mission to help half a million mums positively change their lives and businesses by 2020.[/aoa]

Steffi’s story within ‘You are Meant for More’, for which all proceeds will go to United Nations One Bracelet campaign to help end violence against women, tells of how after she became a mum in 2017, she had an epiphany moment and knew something had to change as she was proving to be her own worst enemy with her negative self-talk and low self-esteem that made her miserable daily. She said: “For a very long time, I’d been a glass half empty girl, really really really negative, unconfident and an extremely jealous person. I was one of those people who would blame everything happening in my life on someone or something else, and I would just whine and moan about anything and everything. It was miserable and frustrating. The constant negative thoughts about myself and life were pretty exhausting. I just knew I didn’t want my daughter growing up to be just like me. I didn’t want my daughter growing up with a stressed and miserable mother, who had no confidence in who she was and what she could do. I realised I was the way I was because of me and that no-one else forced me to be a negative, unconfident and jealous person. This is when I threw myself into the world of personal development and I fell in love with it.”

 In a job she didn’t enjoy, and having a challenging entrepreneurial venture behind her that didn’t fit, Steffi was at a low, but with becoming a mum came a determination to change her negative limiting beliefs and she now runs a global coaching business for service based Mumpreneurs focused on helping them grow their businesses so that they can leave their 9-5s and have the freedom to be present with their families.   

As the year draws to an end and reflecting on the past year is commonplace Steffi is keen to show other working mums who might not be happy with their current situation that they can achieve more if they want.  She said: “Most families now have two working parents, and this can be a struggle – especially if you find yourself watching the clock, wishing for something else, where you can really live life on your terms while doing something you love, like I used to do? We only have one life, and we most certainly shouldn’t be spending our time unhappy, unfulfilled, wishing and hoping that something will change one day. I find at this time of year it can be a great catalyst to deciding that next year will be different”.

Overcoming mum-guilt and mum-shaming from others to balance baby and a business as a successful Mumpreneur, Steffi tells of how upon becoming a mum she grabbed life by the horns and threw herself into the world of personal development, choosing to spend her time instead of moaning,  reading, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube training videos alongside exploring the world of meditation, journaling and affirmations, which was all new to her. Nourishing her body and mind she became aware of the thoughts she was repeating to herself over and over which had formed her negative beliefs about herself and the world.

She still has to deal with the lack of belief from others though, and is keen to speak out against this. She said: “I have had so many people close to me tell me my dreams and goals are too big, that I am ‘living in a dream world’, that success isn’t meant for people like me, a 26 year old normal girl from a very small town, why am I wanting to leave the career I worked so hard for? and that I should just go and get a ‘normal’ job but I’m celebrating my book launch by saying: “Look  – you can take control of your life if you really are intentional about it and now I have my strong self belief, it’s not going to be crushed by others who don’t share it!”

Steffi’s story starts by sharing her early years memories of school, a time that she identifies as contributing to her confidence and self-esteem issues as she “lived a limited life and was an extremely jealous person.” Encouraged to go to university Steffi gained a BA Hons Mental Health Nursing Degree but dreaded the idea of being stuck in the same job for 40 years and felt she was made for more, so she set out on her first entrepreneurial venture – when this failed (largely due to it being in the aesthetics industry, which wasn’t a good fit for her given her confidence issues) she returned to employment, dejected that she wasn’t cut out for entrepreneurship. But everything changed in 2017 when she became a mum. Shortly after her daughter Millie was born, Steffi become so fed up of her own negative and decided to make a change.

Steffi decided it was time to embark on the Entrepreneurial journey again with her new mindset, building a business during nap times. She said; “I thought what if I could use my own personal experience, my experience as a Mental Health Nurse, all my education and courses I’d taken and my passion for helping others, to create a business that I love?” This is when she became a Life Coach and Mindset Mentor for Mums and her journey to a career she loves began.

“As a Life Coach and Mindset Mentor for Mums, I want to help Mums beat the overwhelm, the dreaded Mum guilt that hits us all, and really make a difference in this world. I later decided to add a deeper level to my coaching business as a ‘Business Success Coach’ for Mums. Through my journey of helping mums create more joy and confidence in their lives, I am also passionate about helping mums create freedom, success and happiness, and becoming an Entrepreneur gives you this! I believe that every mum deserves success, they deserve the freedom to be present with their babies and with the right strategy, tools and support this is possible. I more more people to realise we have no limits as a mum and in writing this book I really hope to inspire other who may be in my old state, thinking life sucks -because it really is possible to turn things around..”

Already reviewed as ‘a book jam packed with inspirational stories from a range of entrepreneurs’ and ‘I just couldn’t put this book down from start to finish – must buy!’… You are Meant for More‘’ charts the journeys of 10 women in business. 

Steffi added: “Today I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have ever been, I not only have the freedom to be with my family every day, but I am living my purpose and mission every single day. Being included in this book is a celebration for me of how far I have come, and a recognition of what can be achieved when women are determined to make shifts. I am so excited to share my story alongside these other amazing women. I hope we can inspire others who dream of running their own business, but who perhaps haven’t taken that step yet, or those who are in the early stages and are feeling a little lost. I also hope it will show people who really feel they are meant for more – that there is more out there and encourage them to take whatever leap of faith they need to, to get on the right path for them”.

For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/SteffiAddisonCoaching/ – Steffi helps ambitious and highly driven mums move from being lost and overwhelmed to bridge the gap between skill set and mindset, giving them all the tools and strategy they need to realise what is possible.