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Sully residents call for speed limit to be reduced to 20mph

Earlier this week, Sully residents took to the streets to call for a reduction in speed limit in the local area.

Local residents are calling for a reduction in the speed limit on South Road, Sully, which would see the speed limit capped at 20mph, down from 30mph.

South Road, Sully, Penarth CF64 5SN

They have received support from national speed awareness campaigner Rod King MBE, who founded the ’20’s Plenty for us’ campaign.

Rod King MBE speaking with Anna Brees and Sully residents this week

In the video above, Anna Brees reports from the protest event held earlier in the week.

The ’20’a Plenty for us’ website goes further to explain the benefits of 20mph speed limits in and around areas such as Sully:

  • Why does 20mph matter? Because it is safer, healthier, fairer, greener, quieter and better for people’s quality of life.
  • How much safer is 20mph? You are 7 times less likely to die if hit at 20mph than 30mph or 10 times if over 60 years old. In the distance a 20mph car can stop, a 30mph car will still be doing 24mph. Far better to just miss than actually hit someone or be hit at any speed.
  • Are fewer people injured in area-wide 20mph limits? Yes, about 20% fewer. www.20splenty.org/we_love_our_safer_20mph_limits
  • Does 20mph always mean speed humps? No, we campaign for signs, road markings, community engagement and driver education.
  • How is 20mph enforced? By driver education and community engagement to voluntarily comply with 20mph. Compliant drivers become pacer vehicles which enforce 20mph on traffic behind. As with the enforcement of all speed limits, periodic police speed checks are helpful. Camera technology can also be used. Some police areas promote volunteer speedwatch initiatives.
  • Where is 20mph in place? Most of the largest 40 local authorities in the UK. 15.5m people – c.25% of the UK population. www.20splenty.org/20mph_places
  • Isn’t 20mph around schools enough? No – slowing the last 100m doesn’t help children to walk or cycle to school or prevent many casualties. 80% of child casualties are on non-school trips. www.20splenty.org/how_school_safety_zones_are_not_a_priority