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Swansea launches new funding round to help communities

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Swansea Council has launched a third round of funding to back ideas that put local people at the heart of building stronger communities.

The opportunity is part of Crowdfund Swansea, an initiative that supports local people’s ideas on improving their area.

The first two rounds saw more than 500 residents, businesses and other organisations rally behind 11 successful ideas.

Together, they raised over £100,000 to fund initiatives ranging from beach cleans to improved play facilities and from an e-bike schemes and from to a base for volunteers.

Now, more great community ideas are sought.

The aim is to fund and deliver exciting and innovative ideas put forward by the local community, for the local community. Each will improve Swansea and is in addition to services already supplied by agencies such as the council.

The council has allocated a dedicated fund to give an added boost to some projects taking part in the programme.

Those who use the online Crowdfund Swansea initiative to generate funding benefit from the backing of leading civic crowdfunding platform Spacehive.

Andrew Stevens, the council’s cabinet member for business improvement and performance, said: “We’re ready to support ideas that put local people at the heart of the efforts to help Swansea kick on in future years.

“I’m also calling on companies and foundations to join us in offering support – whether funding or in-kind. We want to work together to make people’s ideas a real success.

“The more people that get involved in Crowdfund Swansea the more amazing places we can create together.”

In Mount Pleasant, the Hub on The Hill initiative is behind a plan to buy community e-bikes and to install a lockable bike shelter with e-bike charger. More than 50 backers raised over £15,000 for the project.

Leonie Ramondt, of Hub on the Hill, said: “Why buy an e-bike and leave it unused for 95% of the time when a bike can be shared with others?

“This way many more people can access these wonderful devices and we also grow a stronger sense of community.

“Collaborative mobility and the sharing economy go hand in hand in reducing our environmental impact and increasing our wellbeing.”

The deadline to submit ideas for the new round of Crowdfund Swansea projects is March 17.

Those behind the ideas can create their own project page here –    https://www.spacehive.com/create.