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Swansea manufacturer reports record growth figures

Viscose Closures is based at Swansea Enterprise Park, Swansea

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of caps, closures, shrink sleeves and tamper evident seals, has experienced a period of significant growth, with an uptake in sales over the last three months.

Viscose Closures, based at Swansea Enterprise Park, has seen exceptional growth during the period of March to May, with a 106% increase in sales and production, driven predominantly by international customers from the US and Far East.

Despite the Covid-19 crisis, which has affected many businesses, Viscose Closures was able to adapt quickly.

Recognising that many sectors have experienced changes due to the pandemic, such as the soft drinks and fast food sectors, the Swansea-based company were able to pivot their sales and marketing plans and target other sectors that have been more resilient during the crisis such as pharmaceutical and industrial gas.

Vince Minchella, CEO of Viscose Closures, said: “We are pleased to be able to report an increase in sales and production over the last three months. The way we have adapted throughout this difficult period for many people is testament to the Viscose Closures team.

“At Viscose, we are closely managing trends and opportunities in line with the pandemic. We are adjusting to the new normal and undoubtedly, some customer behaviours will change long term, thus we will pivot the business to ensure strong growth and continued success.”

Viscose Closures was able to work efficiently during the lockdown period to ensure products were manufactured quickly but without affecting quality and maintain excellent customer service.

The company was able to implement an effective remote working strategy before lockdown began in March and established safe and distanced production practices, allowing for zero Covid-19 related illnesses, and resulting in record production levels.

Vince added: “We are proud to have such a committed and reliable local workforce who has worked consistently throughout the pandemic.  The health and safety of our employees is first and foremost our priority and implementing the necessary measures, in line with the UK Government and Department of Health guidelines, was critical.  We continue to provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment.”

Established more than 125 years ago, Viscose Closures is one of the leading UK players in the closure and tamper evident packaging market. The company has been based in Swansea for almost 70 years and has a strong and reliable reputation in the food, drink, pharmaceutical and industrial gas sectors, and has seen a shift into new sectors such as health and vitamins, scientific equipment and the artisan sectors.

Viscose Closures is committed to becoming an increasingly sustainable manufacturer by driving innovation todevelop environmentally friendly packaging and tamper evidence solutions.  Available in a range of materials including self-shrinking biodegradable Cellulose, heat shrink compostable PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) and 100% recyclable PET.  They are also working towards providing environmentally considerate, closed loop products, eventually in rPET as, well as improving the company’s recycled content levels.