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Swansea residents urged to attend organised fireworks displays

Credit: Swansea Council

Residents are being urged to attend organised fireworks displays rather than light up their own this Bonfire Night season.

Swansea Council is supporting police, fire and other emergency services to encourage people not to let off fireworks in their gardens or in the street.

Instead they’re calling on people to enjoy themselves responsibly by following the Firework Code, keeping pets indoors and being mindful of neighbours.

The council is organising a free fireworks display in Swansea Bay on November 12 so that residents don’t have to arrange their own.

Cllr Robert Francis-Davies, Swansea Council’s Cabinet Member for Investment, Regeneration and Tourism said: “Fireworks can be noisy and if they’re not managed extremely carefully, they’re a danger to bystanders and the people setting them off.

“On top of that noisy fireworks, especially those that are at unplanned events or in the street, are upsetting for many people and alarming to pets too.

“So we are urging people who want to enjoy the fireworks to go to an organised display or come along to our free fireworks event next week.

“These events will have been advertised in advance so that people can make plans accordingly.”

Swansea Council’s trading standards teams have also been in touch with businesses and retailers selling fireworks to make sure they are abiding by regulations on fireworks sales, especially to those who are under-age