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Swansea social enterprise aims to deliver community-focused health and wellbeing services

A new social enterprise, created to deliver community-focused health and wellbeing services for people in and around the Lower Swansea Valley, has launched.

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The Cwm Alliance is a Community Interest Company (CIC). CICs help people conduct a business to benefit the community, rather than private shareholders. It is hoped the Cwm Alliance will bid for Lottery funding and other grants to support a wide range of wellbeing services in the Clydach, Morriston and Llansamlet areas.

The Cwm Alliance, although a separate entity, is particularly keen to support the Cwmtawe Cluster – a group of three GP practices (Cwmtawe Medical Group, Strawberry Place, Morriston, and Llansamlet Surgery) working together with community nursing, dentists, opticians, community pharmacists, the voluntary sector and the local authority to provide care for around 44,000 people in the Lower Swansea Valley.


The launch took place in Aenon Baptist Church on Strawberry Place in Morriston and was attended by around 20 members of the public and community leaders.

The CIC has been registered with Companies House with a board of five directors installed and they are now focusing on encouraging members of the public to get involved and help shape the future of health and wellbeing in the Lower Swansea Valley.

Dr Iestyn Davies, Cwmtawe Cluster lead and board member of the CIC, said:

“For the past few years the Cwmtawe cluster has invested heavily in the 3rd sector to try and bridge both health and social wellbeing. Given the funding for Welsh Government is finite, and we are tasked to innovate we have to seek other forms of investment to continue, and build on the groundwork already laid. With this in mind we developed the idea of launching a not for profit, community interest company called Cwm Alliance.

“The official launch was last week, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The hope is to attract significant funding to grow services, attract more members and develop a resilient community here in Cwmtawe.”

One member of the public present at the launch, Kelvin Jones, said: “It’s great to see this. Cwm Alliance CIC will provide the opportunity for people to value and support each other to do what matters to help people stay healthy, active and well in their communities,

“It will provide the legal structure to enable people to get involved, build trust and share in the developing of new projects to help us all live healthier lives.”

The Cwm Alliance is keen to hear from the public in order to develop initiatives and projects that will support the health and wellbeing of everyone.

A spokesperson for Cwm Alliance said: “We would love to hear from you about what services you think Cwm Alliance CIC should provide. We are interested in any and all suggestions, just remember that the company has been set up to deliver health and wellbeing services to people who live in and near the Cwmtawe community area.

“You can either complete a short survey online or email. We also want to hear in person from the people of Cwmtawe about what services would improve their health and wellbeing.”