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Swansea University collaborates with charity to encourage advancements in cardiology

Swansea University have collaborated with the Graig Foundation – a newly-formed charity – to encourage innovation and advancements in the field of cardiology.

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The Graig Foundation have partnered with the University’s School of Management to draw on their academic talent, the skills and knowledge of the Bevan Commission and expertise of the world-renowned cardiac surgeon, Professor Stephen Westaby.

With heart failure being a major global issue, newer treatments and interventions are required to tackle the growing social, economic and health issues facing the developing world.   Innovative treatments such as stem cell therapy and heart pumps are being developed within Swansea University’s industry-facing ecosystem, which acts as a testbed for innovative thinking.


The preliminary scope of the project will be an ongoing stem cell trial at the Royal Brompton Hospital, with the scope to explore the barriers and enables for the adoption of such and related techniques into the region’s healthcare sector.

Through research and medical advance, the Graig Foundation will seek to utilise all the means at its disposal to achieve improvements and potential cures in the field of cardiology with an initial focus on heart failure and heart rhythm conditions.

Longer term the Foundation will, through a series of strong partnerships, strive to support multiple projects in medical advance, healthcare, life sciences and medical conditions with the aim of achieving a positive, broad and lasting impact on the improvement of lives to a global audience.

Hugh Williams, Graig Shipping PLC CEO, said:

“Our aim is to enable new cardiovascular treatments through an organisation that combines a wish to make a tangible difference in the Life Sciences sector.

“With the Graig Group approaching its centenary and having also had a personal involvement within heart issues, I am very pleased to be associated with Swansea University and world-leading experts in this most important area of medical research with a view to establishing a lasting global platform and legacy.”

Marc Clement, Vice-President of Swansea University and Dean of the School of Management, said:

“The purpose behind the formation of this new charity is to provide a guiding light and a driving force for the adoption of innovation in the field of cardiology.

“We are pulling together a bespoke skillset that will undoubtedly encourage ground breaking developments and innovation, and we are proud to be partnering with Graig Shipping PLC to deliver benefit to the life science sector through The Graig Foundation.”