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Swansea’s Christmas attraction opens to the public

Credit: Swansea Council

City residents are getting the chance to enjoy a safe and festive visit to Christmas attractions at Museum Park in Swansea’s city centre.

Sayers Events is the council’s delivery partner for the annual Christmas attraction, Waterfront Winterland, on Museum Park.

However, this was cancelled this year and Sayers has put on a number of different attractions instead. This includes a Giant Wheel and a Family Fun area to complement an Alpine Food Court that opened on Monday.

The attractions include a number of special measures to ensure visitors can have a safe and enjoyable time, in line with Welsh Government regulations and guidance.

For example, people attending the attractions will need to bring identification with them in the same way that they would need to do for other hospitality businesses such as pubs and restaurants. Anyone aged under 16 will also need to be accompanied by an adult.

Robert Francis-Davies, Cabinet Member for Investment, Regeneration and Tourism, said: “The Covid restrictions and the need to socially distance mean we have had to plan things very differently this year to ensure people’s safety.

“As well as the Christmas lights and the Christmas attractions on Museum Park, there is also a Christmas Market in the city centre. We’ve lit up the city centre which will include some additional features on the Kingsway and the McDonald’s building on the edge of Castle Square.

“We also have two Christmas trees, one in Castle Square and one at the top of Kingsway near the Dragon Hotel. The surrounds of the Christmas trees have been designed by a street/ graffiti artist this year to add some extra colour and vibrancy.”

He added: “But it’s crucial that people visiting the city centre to do some Christmas shopping, take in the lights or make a trip to any of the Christmas attractions do so safely.

“We can all do our bit by following the rules, keeping two metres from one another, wearing masks where required and frequently washing or sanitising hands.”

All the arrangements for the festive countdown are being put in place in compliance with current Covid-19 regulations. Should there be any further changes, then operating arrangements will also be amended accordingly.

Visitors to the Christmas attractions at Museum Park should plan ahead and be prepared to queue to get into attractions at peak times. Each attraction has its own entrance to help manage numbers and keep people safe.

Visitors to the Alpine Food Court will be served at their tables and will be asked to order their food by App. The Family Fun area includes a reindeer ride for young children and a small number of socially-distanced fairground stalls.

The reindeer ride and the Giant Wheel will operate in compliance with Welsh Government regulations including social distancing and cleaning regimes.