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Tesla opens new bank of superchargers at Celtic Manor Resort

Newport Tesla Superchargers

Tesla has opened a new Supercharger site in Wales, located at the Celtic Manor Resort on Chepstow Road in Newport.

The Newport Superchargers will be open 24/7 to both Tesla and non-Tesla owners as part of the Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot.

The new Tesla superchargers located at The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport

The site can be easily accessed from the M4 and hosts 12 V3 Supercharger stalls which add up to 75 miles of charge in five minutes and charge at rates of up to 1,000 miles per hour.  The ongoing expansion of the Supercharger network will ensure that Tesla drivers are able to quickly, seamlessly and reliably charge their vehicles.

As the network continues to grow, Supercharging remains the most convenient and reliable charging solution available in the UK and Ireland. Auto Express crowned Tesla as the best electric car chargepoint provider in 2022, winning categories including charging costs, speed, reliability and ease of use. Although most electric vehicle owners recharge at home or at work whilst the car is parked, the Supercharger network enables convenient, long distance travel.