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Tesla reveals Model 3 Upgrade including UK launch date

The new Tesla Model 3

Six years after the first car rolled off the assembly line and over 2 million units later, Tesla have announced a significant update to Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive and Long Range All-Wheel Drive.

Model 3 played a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption of electric cars by offering an accessible, high-performance, and technologically advanced option that appealed to a broader audience. It helped shift perceptions about electric vehicles from being seen as niche products to becoming more mainstream.

This update brings more refinement, comfort and premiumness – inside and out – while staying true to its sleek, uncluttered design aesthetic. Tesla have continued with the Model 3, a global best-seller promises to deliver great range and efficiency with sports-car performance and handling at an approachable price point.

The upgraded Model 3 is instantly recognisable as a Model 3 with a refined body and presence, better aero, new lighting, and a brand-new interior that elevates what customers love about Model 3.

Tesla Model 3

So what’s new?

Tesla Model 3


  • Optimized for Aerodynamics – Sharper body lines and aero-optimized surfaces reduce drag, improve wind noise and increase range.
  • Bold New Lighting – Headlamps with a totally new aesthetic. Tail lamps with super bright colours and updated styling and integrated into the liftgate to improve fit.
  • Two New Colours – Ultra Red and Stealth Grey. Ultra Red is a high-chroma colour with dynamic depth created from a multi-coat paint. Stealth Grey is a rich and dynamic dark grey metallic colour that accentuates the shape of Model 3.
  • Wheels/Tires Optimized for Range – Updated styling with improved aerodynamics, paired with noise and range-optimized tires.


Tesla Model 3
  • Encapsulating Design – A cocoon-like cabin architecture with premium materials (real aluminium, textiles, etc) and elevated levels of execution.
  • Ambient Lighting – Customizable ambient lighting wraps around the full cabin.
  • Ventilated Seats – Ventilated front seats and heated seats all-round are fully integrated into automatic climate controls.
  • Whisper Quiet Cabin – The cabin is quieter than ever thanks to our 360˚ acoustic glass, improved suspension bushings, seals and sound-dampening materials.
  • Wireless Phone Charging and Storage – Re-designed centre console covered in aluminium, expansive storage, dual wireless phone chargers.
  • Fast-charge laptops and more with one front and two rear USB-C charging ports, each with up to 65W of power.
  • Seamlessly connect it all with Bluetooth to sync everything from your contacts to your music.


  • Next-gen Audio- Enjoy studio-quality sound from any seat with our new Tesla-designed premium audio system. It features 17 speakers, dual subwoofers and dual amplifiers for Long Range vehicles and 9 speakers, a single subwoofer and amplifier for Rear-Wheel Drive vehicles.
  • Includes native support for Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. Additional and more capable microphones deliver improved call quality.
  • Second Row Display – All new 8” rear display with integrated climate control, ventilation, and entertainment.
  • Stalkless Driving – Stalks are replaced with steering wheel controls for an uncluttered driving experience, including both haptic switches and physical buttons. Smart Shift automatically selects the correct driving direction to start your trip, just like the latest Model S and Model X.
  • Centre Display – Our super bright and responsive 15,4” centre display is the same size as before but with more usable screen area thanks to thinner bezel. It features customizable UI and gets better over time with OTA updates.
  • Connectivity – 50% improved cellular, 2x Wi-F range, dual-band Wi-Fi capabilities (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz).


The latest Tesla Model 3 features several Tesla-first safety features for side-impact-protection, built on top of our already-world’s-safest platform architecture.

When will it launch in the UK?

Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive and Long Range All-Wheel Drive variants will come to the UK and Ireland in 2024.