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The Benefits of An Authentic Katana Sword

Katana Sword

Don’t invest in any katana sword. Purchase an authentic one. Get your sword from the right brand. Research before purchasing. Getting a genuine sword comes with numerous benefits. First, these swords are durable. Second, they come with excellent cutting capabilities. Third, these swords are aesthetically appealing. In a nutshell, if you want the best from your sword, choose an authentic katana sword. The following are the top benefits of buying a genuine katana sword.

Cutting Capabilities

They’re robust. Plus, they feature a unique design. You can conveniently utilize them to cut different types of materials., They’re crafted and designed using a special type of steel, which makes them extremely strong. Purchase your katana sword today and enjoy exceptional cutting capabilities.

Highly Balanced

Katana swords are generally well-balanced. They’re strong and aesthetically appealing. With this equipment, you have complete control over your cutting. They’re also very easy to use. So, if you’re looking for convenience and efficiency, think katana swords.

Excellent Construction

You’ll love the blade geometry. Combined with the aesthetics, these swords feature some of the best blades. Even more, they’re highly durable and feature exceptional standards.

Designed with strong steel, katana swords aren’t something you should ignore. Get your katana sword today and have a feel of the Japanese culture.


Before the invention of the katana, Japanese warriors used the usual swords. Most of these swords were not effective. They could break from time to time. Luckily, the katana swords are effective and don’t easily break.

Katana swords are light and unbreakable. They have passed through a rigorous smithing process. According to experts, a katana sword can cut through bones as well as flesh.


Katana swords are artistically designed. The smiths used a special forging process. This involved special heat treatment, hammering, as well as hearting. These swords are highly polished. Plus, they come with special artistic engravings. These swords come with highly polished handles. The handles are tightly fastened.

 Parts of Katana Swords

A genuine katana sword contains the Hamon. Also, certain parts define authentic katana swords. The following are common parts any austenitic katana sword should contain:


The Hamon is the differential line that hardens the blade.


The Hi represents a longitudinal groove that acts like a shock absorber. The purpose of this groove is to make your sword light. It also protects the blade from damage. This groove is designed to distribute shock stress, protecting your blade from any damage.


The Habaki is a metal collar that keeps your sword in position. It prevents it from falling or sliding. It also helps keep your sword in position, minimizing accidents.


The katana comes with a hook(kaeshizumo) for locking it in the scabbard.

 How To Clean Your Sword

To keep your katana sword functional, you need to clean it regularly. Here are simple steps to help you clean your sword like a pro:

Step 1

Hold it with your hand. You may also want to consider resting the katana sword on a soft surface. This will ensure that the tips are adequately protected. Plus, it’ll go a long way in safeguarding the blades.

Step 2

Remove any dirt or old oil. Make sure that there’s no dust left on the blades. Get a sword cleaning paper and use it to wipe out those unwanted materials.

Step 3

Tap the uchiko ball against the sides. Repeat that for a few seconds. Perform the same procedure on both the back, as well as, other non-short edges. Once you’re done, go ahead and apply some polishing powder on the surfaces using a soft cloth.

Step 4

Thoroughly clean the buguigami. This will help in eliminating the remaining dust. Plus, it will ensure that there are no stones left on the blade surfaces.

Step 5

Spend a few minutes inspecting the blades. Make sure that there’s no dust or rust left.

Step 6

Oil the surfaces and wipe them carefully. Not only will this enhance the sword’s efficiency but it will also help in reducing excess oil.

Step 7

Finally, look for a clean sheet. Wipe the excess oil. Don’t remove all the oil. Consider leaving a thin layer of oil to protect the blades. From here, consider sheeting the katana sword. Store your sword in a dry place.

The Cost of A Genuine Katana Sword

On average, a genuine katana can cost around $4,000 to $10,000. However, the price is dependent on several factors. Here are the top variants that affect the price of your katana.

Ornamental Katana Sword

Ornamental katana sword can cost up to $100. These swords come with tempered carbon-based steel. They also come with a full tang. Usually, these swords are light, weighing not more than 3 pounds. These swords can slice different materials. However, its usually used for decoration. That’s why you will always find it hung on the walls for aesthetic purposes.

Real Hamon Line Swords

These swords can cost between $200 to $500. Before making your decision, check to see if it comes with the Hamon line. This line is created through careful claying as well as tempering.

Beater Katana Sword

These swords don’t have the Hamon lines. For $300, you can purchase your genuine beater katana sword. Thus, if you’re fond of Japanese culture and need something affordable, consider investing in a katana sword. Not only does it offer top-notch cutting capabilities but it’s also highly durable. With adequate gripping force and speed, you can swiftly hit your target.

Key Takeaway

Choose a genuine katana sword. Read reviews before purchasing your katana sword. Check the toughness. Ensure that you are getting your sword from a reputable company. You can ask family ad friends for referrals. Don’t purchase cheap swords.

The Bottom-Line

Invest in the right katana sword. Choose an authentic sword. A genuine sword is durable. It comes with a high level of efficiency. A genuine sword is strong and can cut through bones and flesh. A genuine sword is aesthetically appealing. The above are the top benefits of investing in genuine katana swords