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The Best Delicacies To Try In Birmingham To Satisfy The Food Cravings

The city of Birmingham is a bustling hotspot, drawing merchants and tourists at all times of the year. One look at the Brindley place to the Bullring, and you will realise how many options you have to try here.

Birmingham has always reserved its offering to the foodies. Only lately has it come into prominence thanks to the gourmands who stumbled upon a few gems. We shall now discuss the most happening delicacies you must try when you visit Birmingham.

The Gourmet Journey to Birmingham

Birmingham has been famous for its commercial aspect and its role in the news for its role in history. The Jewellery Quarter, where you could go on a walking tour, or explore art as closely as possible, is also a hub for foodies. If you are looking for a casual dining experience, go for the surprises at Brum or Bristol Street outlets. From Chinese to any European delicacy- you can have it all as you explore the city on bus or by foot. Don’t forget to check out the several Michelin-starred restaurants too.

If your idea of a peaceful evening is to hit the pubs, head out to the famous The Bartons Arms on Aston. Among its patrons were the legends like Charlie Chaplin and Marie Lloyd, and Ozzy Osbourne. Sip in a martini as you play poker online at casimba.com. Now, enough of the introduction, and let us check out the best dishes to try here.

Breakfast Dishes

We must say that the best way to start a day in Birmingham is by going for the best breakfast of vegetables, mixed cheddar cheese, and spinach. With a view of the canal, also look for pancakes with whipped cream toppings. If you are more into big portions, the bacon and pork sausage English breakfast is here for you at John Bright Street’s restaurants.

More to a Heavier Brunch

Whether it is the slice of carpaccio or smoked chicken, or even pork scratchings, you can have them from some iconic restaurants. You will also find the Faggots interesting served with peas and rich gravy to help you take the mood forward for a long day. The dish is one of the best and has many fans, especially at the Price Street eater of The Bull. It can be a heavy dish if you are looking for some traditional and a more celebratory fare on the plates.

Groaty Pudding is another heavy meat stew and has plenty of lovers. This is more of porridge and a great delicacy if you are looking for something to warm you up in winter. It is popular for ages and contains the goodness of cereals. Hence, a much-loved dish by the parents.

If you are traveling through Birmingham on Tuesdays or Thursdays, do not miss Eagle’s Restaurant. The oxtail is a highly enjoyed dish and quite a famous specialty. What better way to beat the heat than to dig into some delectable ice cream? The ice cream sandwich and the Classic flavoured ones from the Big Spoon Creamery are worth trying. One look at the queues and you will know how big a hit it has become in recent times.

If your idea of a local specialty is seafood, go for the Oysters from the 5 Point Public House. There are baked and blue cheese versions of the best and the freshest caught oysters.

It brings us to the end of the food tour of Birmingham, and we take pride in taking you through some of the best-known items to try here too.