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The Definitive Guide to Zodiac Signs and Their Personality Traits

It is almost impossible to live in the modern age and not know your horoscope and the basic personality features that that horoscope attributes to each sign. Each of the signs has its positive qualities but also negative traits. A horoscope can help you understand some aspects of yourself or the character of the people around you.

Astrologers start from the premise that the horoscope is determined by the position of the planets at the moment of each person’s birth. They note that this relationship and every movement of the planets during life determine the course. Based on their positions, our lives will have a particular meaning, even daily occurrences! Reading daily horoscope can be both a coffee pleasure and spiritual guideline.

Of course, some people don’t believe in astrology and have negative opinions on it, but many do and find much help in reading the horoscope. Many are also experts and know everything, thus helping others in the process and even making a living!

Besides, the horoscope can also be a point of interest purely out of fun. It is highly evident by various online quizzes dedicated to horoscopes, where people can both test their knowledge and learn something new.

If you’re looking for a concise guide to introduce you to the Zodiac domain, here is a short text about horoscope signs and their personality traits (in short).

Zodiac Signs And Their Personality Traits

Let’s focus on each of the signs now!


  •   Motto: I AM
  •   Characteristics: Enterprising, daring, impulsive, headstrong, dynamic; has the strongest energy but does not have a persistent will; has physical beauty; is fighting an eternal battle and is in constant activity; loves sports and all kinds of physical activities.
  •   Planet: Mars.
  •   Occupation: Politician, engineer, lawyer, comedian, soldier, chemist, astronomer, surgeon, butcher, barber.
  •   Flaw: Arrogant, reckless.


  •   Motto: I HAVE
  •   Characteristics: Stable, patient, persistent, inert; has an unyielding will; loves home and family; is prone to material acquisition; doesn’t give up easily; likes luxury items, jewelry, fine clothes; can be extremely beautiful or the opposite.
  •   Planet: Venus.
  •   Occupation: Artists, fashion designers, florists, confectioners, merchants, economists, painters, musicians, sculptors, scientists.
  •   Flaw: Possessive, easily bursts.


  •   Motto: I THINK
  •   Characteristics: Fast, lively, curious, communicative, friendly, agile; does multiple jobs at once; has a mask on their face; loves knowledge for their own sake; has a youthful appearance and spirit.
  •   Planet: Mercury.
  •   Occupation: Lawyer, economist, mathematician, writer, scientist, chess player, basketball player, artist, speaker, teacher, postman, merchant, clerk, craftsman, publisher.
  •   Flaw: Superficial and ungrateful.


  •   Motto: I FEEL
  •   Characteristics: Sensual, mysterious, loyal; has a vivid imagination; is maternally gentle; loves the house, the family; can be weak-willed, prone to drinking. Usually, mothers suffocate them with hypersensitivity; is the most emotional astrological sign. They also have a strong imagination.
  •   Planet: The moon.
  •   Occupation: Photographers, actors, sailors, caterers, historians, writers, painters, painters, merchants, travelers, economists, teachers, psychotherapists.
  •   Flaw: Hypersensitive, stingy.


  •   Motto: I WANT
  •   Characteristics: Likes to be in the center of attention, at the head of the action; loves life, children, power. Likes to command; is authoritative, generous, and elegant; falls for compliments; loses his vitality over the years. If they uptake the religious path, dogma is also exclusive.
  •   Planet: Sun.
  •   Occupation: Organizer, boss, politician, artist, actor, banker, goldsmith.
  •   Flaw: Snobbery.


  •   Motto: I ANALYZE
  •   Characteristics: Accurate, conscientious, meticulous, rational, distrustful. An excellent collaborator people can always rely on; believes more in reason than in intuition; is focused on health, agriculture, and art. Lives from own work.
  •   Planet: Mercury.
  •   Occupation: Pharmacist, merchant, writer, linguist, pianist, painter, actor, athlete, lawyer.
  •   Flaw: Hypochondria, pettiness.


  •   Motto: I MEASURE
  •   Characteristics: Attentive, measured, harmonious, gets along well with others; is a great esthete; has beauty, grace, fine complexion; is a diplomat at work, tactless at home; loves teamwork. Elegance, good taste.
  •   Planet: Venus.
  •   Occupation: Lawyer, judge, actor, singer, politician, painter, pianist, diplomat, architect, educator, teacher.
  •   Flaw: Whimsical, spends a lot.


  •   Motto: I WANT
  •   Characteristics: Has a strong will, is dynamic, focused, persistent and serious; is attracted to challenges. They are enigmatic, mysterious, dark. They do everything for friends, but they do not believe the opposite sex. Their motto is “all or nothing.” They are great lovers and scientists.
  •   Planet: Pluto.
  •   Occupation: Financiers, psychiatrists, detectives, lawyers, spies, speleologists, occultists, merchants.
  •   Flaw: Jealousy, vengefulness.


  •   Motto: I UNDERSTAND
  •   Characteristics: Loves freedom, is enthusiastic, witty. Athletic type, has tremendous energy, strong libido. Loves travel, philosophy, education. Happiness follows them. Conceited, snobby, but almost always on the side of the law.
  •   Planet: Jupiter.
  •   Occupation: Journalists, ambassadors, lawyers, philosophers, world travelers, judges, doctors, religion, law, churches, affiliation with state and public institutions.
  •   Flaw: Lacks courage.


  •   Motto: I USE
  •   Characteristics: Serious, thoughtful, ambitious, strives for success; is persistent, has a strong will, wise, spiritual, insecure, but also a materialist, selfish. Achieves everything they dedicate themselves to; does not seek recognition for themselves. Controls feelings.
  •   Planet: Saturn.
  •   Occupation: Construction workers, gardeners, monks, hermits, police officers, directors, managers, artists, composers, painters, sculptors, accountants.
  •   Flaw: Shyness.


  •   Motto: I KNOW
  •   Characteristics: Individualist, original, unconventional, truthful. Controversial, elusive, casual, charmer, bohemian, gambler; offers new ideas; can’t stand control.
  •   Planet: Uranus.
  •   Occupation: Photographers, engineers, computers, directors, actors, ballerinas, inventors, researchers, physicists, antiquarians, journalists, occultists, new occupations.
  •   Flaw: Selfish towards those close to them, and humane towards others.


  •   Motto: I BELIEVE
  •   Characteristics: Indirect, enigmatic, romantic, hypersensitive, selective; likes to bluff. A symbol of the universal person. Compliant, emotional, but a leader at work; lives in a world of imagination; has a strong intuition. Also a visionary and a great medium.
  •   Planet: Neptune.
  •   Occupation: Related to hospitals, social institutions, occultism, art, especially painting and acting.
  •   Flaw: Hypocrisy.

Final Words

Do you believe in astrology and relations between horoscope signs and human personalities? Maybe you will now after reading this short text. But bear in mind that we have just scratched the surface and that there is much, much more to know. Head-dive into this beautiful world and understand life better. We hope that this guide was helpful to you and that you have learned something new today. Stay safe and have a good one, guys!