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The female-married couple redefining the alcohol-free beer industry

Sarah and Joelle Drummond, co-founders of Drop Bear Beer Co

Drop Bear Beer Co., the ground-breaking alcohol-free brewery based in Swansea, is rewriting the rules of the industry with its dynamic female married couple, Joelle and Sarah Drummond, who exemplify the spirit of ‘Work Hard and Play Hard’.

Supported by a generous £2.1 million investment from Henry Engelhardt, the former CEO of Admiral, amongst 800 other investors, Drop Bear is poised to realise its vision of establishing itself as the first alcohol free brewery in Wales.

Since its founding in 2019, Drop Bear has rapidly become one of the most prominent names in the UK’s alcohol-free craft beer scene. Joelle and Sarah, a passionate couple who share a deep love for strong flavour profiles and the culinary arts, embarked on a mission to revolutionise the alcohol-free beer market, and they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Drop Bear Beer

Joelle Drummond, now overseeing Drop Bear’s marketing and sales, says: “Sarah and I are both fervent foodies. I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of four, and growing up in the 90s, vegetarian food was akin to cardboard! So, I’ve always sought bold flavour profiles. Food and drink have always been pivotal to our relationship.”

Their quest for flavourful non-alcoholic options led to the birth of Drop Bear, a brand that stands out with its bold-flavoured beers and vibrant branding. The name “Drop Bear” humorously references the mythical carnivorous koala bear known for attacking unsuspecting tourists.

What distinguishes Drop Bear is their commitment to the traditional brewing process. Unlike some alcohol-free beers, which rely on mixing malt and hop extracts with fizzy water, Drop Bear’s beers undergo a proper brewing process that results in authentic flavours.

Since their launch in June 2019, Drop Bear has experienced a remarkable growth trajectory. The company has secured over 30 awards, gained listings in national retailers including Ocado, ASDA, select Co-op and Tesco stores, launched their beers in cans, and achieved staggering sales growth of 2,000% in 2020.

The next significant milestone for Drop Bear is being the UK’s largest as well as Wales’ first alcohol-free brewery, expected to open late 2023. The brewery, located in south Wales, will prioritise renewable energy, waste reduction, and innovative waste management to support local communities.