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The jobs we all wish we had in the blazing sunshine

Is it time to walk out? Here we take a look at those jobs that you perhaps never knew existed. Much of the population in Wales work indoors but there are some who can make the most of the sunshine all-day, every day! Do you have that friend who you wish could be put on mute when the sun is out? You are stuck behind a desk while they are setting up yet another ‘office’ for the day, again! Perhaps it’s a beer garden, a cafe in the woods.. the list goes on right? With the heatwave now in full swing we take a closer look at some of those jobs that give you more time in the sun.

Okay – so there’s the obvious ones.. gardener, sheep farmer, perhaps a marine biologist? A park ranger, window cleaner, a postie or even a lifeguard.. but what about those you may have never even thought about? Work in the 21st century is pretty different to how we could have ever imagined it would be. The flexibility to work anywhere, at any hour of the day has truly transformed how we can now choose to work. The internet has created a lot of freedom and also ease of use when it comes to technology. Anyone who now uses a computer at work must ask the question.. can I do this from home and work remotely?

So who are some of the lucky ones? Jobs where you can work from home include web developers, graphic designers, pet sitters, an Airbnb host perhaps? Then there are virtual assistants (yes this is a thing), social media experts and vloggers, or anyone running a small business from home. There are many people in Wales who work in the customer service sector (something to do with how awesome the Welsh are right?) and companies are seeking those that can easily solve their customers problems in a friendly and professional manner. Customer service is fast becoming the biggest work-at-home field, so what you may already do in an office you will soon be able to do at home, and therefore (on sunny days) in the garden. Imagine taking those calls with customers while sitting on the beach? It’s a lovely thought isn’t it?

Even if your job isn’t as flexible as you wish it was, you can still make the most of the sun whilst working indoors – you just need a little prep. Pack a picnic for lunch; sit outside and enjoy the sun and pretend for that brief moment that your office is now the park, the beach or wherever you can possibly imagine. You could also simply take a walk, enquire about flexible working or suggest that the next team brainstorming session is outdoors. If you don’t ask, you don’t tan.