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The perfect family home: How to design the new building of your dreams?

Do you yearn for a family house and want to have the whole building designed to your specifications? To achieve your dream goal, you need to consider every step carefully. We have a few recommendations that can make your decision-making process easier.

First, get your priorities straight

Before you even meet your architect, you should have a clear idea of what you expect from the house. Do you think it’s obvious? Often a simple open discussion between partners on this topic sparks the first disputes.

So you start with the facts. How many household members will permanently occupy the property? Do these persons have any specific claims? And will there be any overnight visitors?

The answers to these questions should give you a more specific idea of how big the house will be and how many rooms it will have.

And what specific rooms for individual members are planned? In addition to the children’s rooms (by the way, will all the children be in one room, or will each child have their own room?), there are other demands arising from hobbies and jobs. A musician may require a studio, an athlete a gym, a person working from home a home office.

One family member will require a large kitchen, another a workshop or garden house. Every square metre can have major implications. So try to come to a reasonable compromise, it will make the architect’s job easier.

Go for large multifunctional spaces on the ground floor

On the lower floor, we recommend following fashion trends and creating the largest possible central room with a multifunctional purpose. This typically combines the living room with the kitchen and dining area. However, you can also accommodate a study area for working from home or use the room for home workouts. In short, it should be the social heart of the entire house, where all members of the household can spend the day together.

On the top floor, you can situate separate rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and more on the upper floor. The privacy of the individual residents should be paramount.

No sharp boundaries, just smooth transitions

Partitions, doors, and strict boundaries are a thing of the past. Have one type of flooring, one type of paint or tiling throughout the floor, use the same type of furniture. You can find lots of inspiration at FAVI.co.uk.

Any changes in style should be smooth, not sharp. This also applies to transitioning into the exterior. The living room can lead through French windows into the conservatory, followed by an outdoor terrace that leads seamlessly into the garden.

Keep sustainability in mind

Ecology is an important aspect of all new buildings. Try to take sustainability into account in every step. Go for natural materials where possible. Insulate the building with the latest technology and consider installing photovoltaic panels or a heat pump for sustainable electricity and heating generation.