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The Risks of Playing in an Unlicensed Casino

Anyone who starts in the vast world of iGaming, and anyone who already has the experience, must be clear about a couple of premises. 

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize playing responsibly. A good way to control it is to assign a monthly budget, an amount that once it has been spent will indicate that you will not be able to play anymore until the next month. 

Secondly, when you go to play at online casinos, do it with operators that meet all the security requirements. Do not trust just any page. If you are going to play, do it only in the licensed gambling sites, those that have the necessary licenses from gambling authorities. Licensed casinos are better to choose from a verified list of online casinos with 200% bonus for UK players.

The operators that do not have these licenses are not legal and the chances that they scam their players are pretty high – let’s see how high. 

What are the Dangers of Unlicensed Casinos? 

There are some important risks that each player at unlicensed casinos has to count on. These can be less severe, or gruesome – especially when it comes to losing your hard-earned money. Let’s have a look at the main ones:

The gambling site can be completely fake or unreliable: if the operator does not exist, at the time of making a deposit, you will be giving your money to a criminal, without any possibility that you can recover the amount or without even being able to play the games.

  • Losing the Money: You may never get back the money you have won during your gambling bets. It is also possible that you may see your deposit money disappear without being able to withdraw it. If at any time, for whatever reason, you wanted to get your deposit money back, you would never be able to do so.
  • Contributing to Tax Fraud: Illegal operators do not pay the taxes required by law. In this way, you would be contributing to the enrichment of the fraudsters, and you would be harming the country, which would be deprived of resources necessary to maintain the welfare state in which we live. 
  • Little Hope of Justice: In the hypothetical case that you have been the object of fraud, either because the pirate operator swindles you or because you have had some kind of problem with it, almost certainly, any claim that you present will not be successful, since they are companies that are outside the law.
  • Getting Scammed in the Games: So, your chances of winning will be reduced to practically nothing. That’s because plenty of unlicensed casinos avoid RNGs or honest RTP rates. This means they’ll pay out whatever they feel like.


Although some unlicensed casinos may seem enticing with their promotions and assumptions, the truth is that there is a lot of risks involved in creating an account and playing with real money in them.  

To be honest, unlicensed casinos can have thousands of players per day, but they are divided between those who know the risks and those who do not – although that’s not your case anymore.