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The State of Gaming in the USA and Europe in 2021

For the past year, the world has been different. We’ve communed less with each other, seen less of the world, and been home more. The pandemic has left an indelible mark upon our society. But thanks to modern technology, it could have been much worse.

The advent of online gambling has kept many of us sane throughout the year. Who knows, some of us might have even managed to pay an extra bill or two. But has the recent series of lockdowns been beneficial for gambling in Europe and the USA?

Finns have long been on the lead when it comes to online casinos. For us, suomalaiset nettikasinot means a mark of quality entertainment. Yet, perhaps something is missing. As we examine the current trends in Europe and the USA, we may find some new jewels.

European Trends in Gaming

Studies show that by 2025, the EU will have a 33.5% market of the world gambling generated revenue. Moneywise this equates to over €27B. The study does not show the amount estimated for Finland. Yet, all Scandanavian countries will hold a 15% stake in that figure.

According to the expert, Maunu Seppinen, a part of the expected increase is due to the rapid acceptance of cryptocurrency.

These digital forms of payment keep the purchaser anonymous. This allows gamblers to use casinos that they could not before. Gaming industry trends in 2021 foreshadow the ensuing decade as a growth period.

Other factors drive the European games. These include the increased bonuses and special features of online casinos. Each casino tries to encourage new players through these incentives. For gamblers in Europe, the future is bright.

Trends in Gaming in the USA

Like Europe, the United States has gone through subtle changes in gambling year. A nation born in motion came to a temporary standstill. Idle Americans seemed unsure of what to do as they waited for the end of the uncertainty. Mobile and online gambling have filled part of the void.

US gaming covers a wide expanse of options. From sports betting to land-based casinos, from riverboats to thoroughbred racing, variety abounds. Sports betting is expanding into new territory. While America has been slow to embrace gambling, they have raced to the online casinos.

Betting on MMA fights, particularly UFC bouts, has boomed in the USA. Sports betting has an expected increase of over $144 billion USD by 2024. UFC is predicted to have a revenue of over $226 million USD this year alone.

Betting on the next McGregor bout, on the Manchester United match? Online gambling is easy and accessible. Covid-19 has changed the landscape, but not the entertainment of gambling. As we negotiate the new terrain, the familiarity of our favourite games makes it bearable.

The Gambling Forecast

The gambling industry worldwide is optimistic about the future. As more online gambling and more legislation takes place, the brighter the horizon. For gaming companies, new players are the goal.

In both Europe and the US, players are finding new games, vendors, and incentives. While the virus is still there, we find comfort that some things have not changed.

As we’ve seen, the gaming trends for 2021 look exciting. Finns have an unique opportunity to find the best casinos, slots, and bonuses available. With the use of cryptocurrencies, the world is our playground. Now, what should we play next?