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The Terrible Tudors (Horrible Histories), New Theatre, Cardiff – Review

Thanks to the New Theatre, Cardiff for inviting us along to see the show in exchange for this review

Can you remember back to a time when you were learning all about the Tudors in school? 

Me neither, well I do, but I certainly can’t remember how many wives Henry VIII had or what happened to all of them.

From the hit TV series, Horrible Histories, the Terrible Tudors lands live on stage at Cardiff’s New Theatre all this week. Using actors and ground-breaking 3D special effects, you will be transported on a fun and engaging journey to a time long ago.

The Terrible Tudors chapter takes you back to the rein of King Richard III and his demise, and the rise of the Tudors, and subsequently their downfall too. You will also get to know the fete of Henry VIII’s headless wives and his punch up with the pope.

Despite watching the occasional Horrible Histories episode on the TV (with my 5-year-old, I should add), I was a little apprehensive to how much you would actually learn and take from an on-stage performance. Well as it turns out, quite a lot!

The audience remains fully engaged throughout, and through the use of song, catchy rhymes and mini recaps in the form of pop-quizzes (nothing serious, I promise), it helps you to absorb the information. You are learning, but it doesn’t feel like it.

During the interval, I looked around to see school pupils taking notes – a welcome sight and an indication that there is more to this performance than just fun and excitement.

We all learn in different ways, with some of us preferring to learn through more visual methods, such as this.

Luckily, I’m no longer in school and I can watch the show without feeling I have an exam on it the next morning, but if I did, I’d be feeling fairly confident.

What certainly helped to retain my new found knowledge, was the use of modern song and language that the audience could relate to.

Horrible Histories isn’t just for those of school-age, you will find yourself joining in.

If Terrible Tudors isn’t your thing or if you just can’t get enough, the New Theatre, Cardiff, is also showing Awful Egyptians from the Horrible Histories series.

For more information on these performances, visit the New Theatre’s website here.