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The Top 10 Myths In Golf

Common Golf Myths Debunked

If there is anything in the sporting world that is annoying and destructive it is myths. People hang onto these myths, sayings, and it can result in poor practice or weird beliefs. 

Believing in the myths of any sport can actually make your life harder, so we are here to debunk these myths for you and give you a taste of the reality in golfing. 

Golf is actually a really popular sport, not many will go around bragging about it, but it is played by many people, and often golf courses will be bustling every time the weather is good enough for people to get out on the green. 

We promise you, pros and tutors hate these myths beyond belief, so let’s give them a break and shut them down forever! 

#1. ‘Keep Your Head Down’. 

Does anyone even know where this one came from? We need to remember that each part of the game is different. If you are doing a full swing, or if you are pitching, then god no, do not keep your head down! However, if you are doing short shots or putting then it will help you. 

However, the situation seems to be missed out. Context is important people! 

There is no golden rule telling you, you have to keep your head down. 

#2. Feeling= Realism.

When we play any sport, what we feel in ourselves does not always mirror the reality we are in. We could feel that our club is on a plane during the swing, however on camera it looks more like Barkley’s swing. 

You might feel awkward or uncomfortable swinging the club, but the position is perfectly fine. 

Many of us will fall prey to this one, we might feel our swing is good, but it is actually awful. Feeling is not reality all the time. 

#3. The Best Golf Instructors Know EVERYTHING!

This might seem a bit bitter, but we have to stop believing that instructors, especially top ranked instructors, will know everything to make your swing better. 

Any instructor will tell you that trying to teach someone to improve their swing is more complex than analyzing a swing. 

It is more than just understanding how a swing works, you also need to understand the mind of the student and how they learn. It’s hardly an easy task! 

#4. It Is 99% In Your Head. 

Logically, this could be true, our brains do control what we do. 

However, getting your mind right does not mean you will be an excellent golfer, however, no professional golfer has ever made it to success by simply willing it so. 

It is more complicated than that. Your mind and body work as a unit, you can’t think your way to success.

#5. Practice = perfect. 

Practice does not mean perfect, in fact practicing too often could even make you worse. 

Remember to take time off practicing, sometimes getting away for a while and coming back fresh is the best answer.

#6. Equipment Doesn’t Matter.

We often humbly take the blame for our shoddy shots and do not look to the equipment as blame. However, sometimes we have to admit, the equipment does matter. 

Depending on where you are at in your game, the equipment you use could hugly impact the shots you are making. You wouldn’t wear a poor fitting pair of shoes to go for a run, equipment matters! 

#7. A Pro Golfers’ Life Is Like A Dream! 

We need to stop envying those who play sports for a living. The professionals do not have an easy life. 

Most of these people have made massive sacrifices to get where they are. They often do not see family and friends for most of the year! Some professionals never even make it to the main tours and still sacrificed a lot!

#8. Cause= Effect.

We typically want a reason for something to have happened, but the truth is some things are totally random. 

Something went wrong? Accept it and move on, not everything has a reason.

#9. Over-Swing.

Some of us spend forever trying to fix our over swing, however, you could be wasting your time. There are plenty of excellent golfers who over swing. 

It might not be the over-swing that is the problem.

#10. Keep Your Feet Still! 

How many professionals do you see keeping their feet still? Some of them seem to be doing the tango as they go to putt. 

Different things work for different people. Keep your feet still or do a little dance.