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The Top Business Travel Locations In Wales

Wales is an up-and-coming country which is known for its Celtic culture, its beautiful coastlines and its stunning national parks. Over the past few decades, it has grown in popularity for its culture.  With its popular music and festivals, bustling nightlife and great array of restaurants and bars, it’s no wonder tourists flock there year after year. But as well as its highly popular tourist attractions and the Snowdonia National Park where people flock year after year for its beautiful surroundings, there’s a great business culture in the country. 

A lot of professionals head to the country to do business with a lot of large and smaller companies situated in the country. There is a great work ethic in the country with employees happy with the culture at the workplace. Therefore, it makes a great place for you to do business in the country. Whether you are in the financial, tourism or entertainment industry, you will find the country a great place to take steps in your business. But where should you go if you visit Wales? Here are some of the top business travel locations in Wales.


Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and is one of the best areas in the country to conduct business travel. The city is the largest in the country with new businesses popping open across the city. Just in the past year, 25 have opened which is a huge success post-pandemic. The city offers a multicultural hub with a lot of independent businesses opening in the city. It’s a thriving, vibrant city that boasts of being one of the fastest growing. It’s a great place for business travel with a workforce that is diverse, passionate and highly skilled. And it’s no surprise when the city has a large university situated here which brings some of the best new talent to the city.

Businesses are flocking to the city which has a good consumer market with tourists and locals ensuring the profit booms in the city. Transport has also made this a great place for businesses and those conducting business travel. It’s super easy to get around the popular city with trains and buses in good order and offering a timely service. Drivers will find the parking excellent and the roads easy to navigate. As well as having a busy business climate, the city offers great shops, busy events and nightlife making this a great place to stay while on business. You can enjoy a cocktail or two at Cardiff Bay or head into the centre for a delightful, independent restaurant after a busy day doing business.


Another of the top business travel locations in Wales is Swansea. The city is the second largest in the country and offers huge potential when it comes to business. It is known as a coastal city but is so much more when it comes to business culture. The popular city that is situated to the south of the country has a thriving business sector. For example, the Bay City area of the city had 11 companies listed on Wales Fastest Growth list 2020 which shows what an exciting place Wales is for independent countries. Not only this but it’s been named as one of the best cities for remote working which is an essential tool in the current climate.

Taking this all into account, it’s no surprise it’s one of the top areas for business climate. It has a growing tourism industry which is not surprising considering the popular attractions including the National Waterfront Museum and the Swansea museum which is home to maritime paintings. It has a bustling art and music scene which makes it a great place for small and larger enterprises looking to expand their business. 


Another town which is a great place for business travel is Bridgend. The town might be slightly smaller than the other two cities on our list but it has plenty of merits that makes it an ideal place for business travel. Situated only 20 minutes from the larger cities, it’s a great base for business travel. You can easily travel via the excellent transport services in the town to get to the busier cities to conduct business which makes this area highly desirable. 

It also made the top 10 on the list of the best places in the UK to start a business. The area is brimming with history with the famous bridges, rivers and even some of the most renowned golf courses making it ideal for those in the history or sports industries. It’s also beautiful with stunning beaches which makes it perfect for tourism. The town has greatly expanded over the years and the businesses have also grown making it a perfect place for new businesses to start afresh. With this in mind, Bridgend is an ideal place for a business trip with stunning accommodation, ideal transport and plenty of culture.


Another great place for business travel in Wales is Newport. The beautiful city is a growing area with lots of people heading to the bustling city which is full of culture, tourism and history. Located only 12 miles from the capital, it’s an excellent place for business as you can easily get there with transportation which is easy to use. With a growing population, it’s no surprise that new businesses are flocking to the popular city. Newport got named the second best place to open a business back in 2020. With an array of tech businesses, a lot of new businesses are placing their headquarters here. You can then travel to Newport to spend time getting to work with some of these exciting new companies.

With a large skilled workforce and high-quality properties giving companies the ability to launch companies in the area, Newport is a desirable place for business. Boasting easy access to the M4 as well as the train services, it’s easy to get to the popular city to undertake business. There is also beautiful beaches which see the tourism in the area at an all-time high.