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Why You Should Shop Locally

There are a multitude of benefits that come with shopping locally as opposed to buying from huge corporations. From receiving a more personalized experience to supporting your local community, there’s a lot to be gained from visiting your local stores. Some of the benefits may not even seem obvious to you at first, but this just shows how extensive the list of benefits is. If nothing else, I think anyone can agree that we’d rather put money in the pocket of a hardworking business owner than a multi-billionaire corporation founder. Read on to discover just some of the reasons why you should shop locally.

Shopping Experience and Customer Service

Firstly, it can’t be denied that independent businesses provide you with a better level of service than a large franchise. Of course, employees in franchises can be very friendly people, but they’re going to get paid whether you make a purchase or not. When you purchase from a local business, this is money in the owner’s pocket, and you can see the appreciation for this. Similarly, what you purchase will affect what the owner stocks, as they will purchase items that sell, rather than following seasonal trends. As a result, local businesses provide you with what you want, rather than what they want to sell you.

Character and Personality

What sets local businesses apart from multi-national corporations is that they’re run by people, rather than algorithms, stockholders, and boards. This personal touch shines through in the products that you find in local stores, and they often reflect the aesthetic of the wider community. As a result, these products feel much more authentic and make you feel welcomed into the community. Similarly, you’ll always find that you receive more recognition and compliments about items that you’ve purchased from independent retailers, rather than the generic stuff that everyone has.

Online isn’t Always Better

Yes, there’s no escaping that online is the most convenient mode of shopping; however, we’re always led to believe that buying online is the most affordable way to shop. Despite this, you may find that local businesses are offering the most competitive deals. After all, they have these huge corporations to compete with and they want to ensure that you’re choosing them above anyone else. An independent businessowner’s livelihood depends on your purchases, so they’re always going to give you the best deal they can.

Create Local Jobs

Investing in local businesses provides them with the means to expand, and the expansion of local businesses means that more jobs are provided for the community. As with prices of products, local businesses tend to offer higher wages, as they’re looking to compete with the franchises that dominate the current sphere. Similarly, having more jobs in local businesses and less in huge corporations creates a healthier economy and provides people with more of a foundation to progress in their careers. Ultimately, supporting local businesses ties the community together as a whole.

The Local Economy

Last, but by no means least, local businesses are the backbone of the local economy. Not only do the earnings from independent businesses go directly into improving your local community, but they’re often large tourist attractions, inviting outsiders to come and spend their money in your local area. For instance, in Edinburgh, there is a Christmas shop that is open all year around, and this particular store thrives thanks to tourists.

If we bring numbers into it, spending £10 at a local business results in £50 going into the local economy. This is because local business owners put your money back into the local economy by shopping locally themselves.