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The UK’s love/hate relationship with cleaning

It appears cleaning our homes isn’t top of the list of priorities for many Brits, with such chores often being put off for as long as possible. It can be seen as an arduous, repetitive and dull task, but with helpful advice coming from social media and the wonders of Mrs Hinch, many of us are setting ourselves cleaning goals and taking them by the horns.

The jobs we love and hate

A recent study by fitted furniture specialists Hammonds found that hoovering was voted the most popular cleaning chore by Brits, with 13% going as far as to say it was their favourite. Ironing, unsurprisingly, took the top spot for the worst household chore with 17% saying they couldn’t stand it. Doing the laundry is seen as a positive chore, with 12% considering it their favourite.

The time they take

Regardless of whether chores are enjoyed or not, how long is spent carrying them out? The survey found that a third of respondents admitted to spending less than two hours a week on cleaning. However, this time increased with age, with 5% of 65 and overs reporting spending 10 hours a week keeping their homes in tip-top condition.

Creeping clutter

Clutter is another issue we constantly seem to be battling with. As soon as a home feels clutter-free, letters are back on the side, recycling is by the door and clothes are placed over a chair in the bedroom.

In fact, having a cluttered home can not only drain you of energy but of time too. Living in a messy home will leave you spending extra time each day searching for items such as car keys, phones and shoes. A recent survey found that stress caused by clutter is something 82% of us admit to going through, with almost half feeling this way every week.

Having too much clutter also makes it harder to carry out household jobs, leading to a build-up of dust, which, if left for long periods, can lead to respiratory problems. Excess clutter can also lead to a range of other health issues, from increased anxiety levels and loss of sleep to a decrease in our ability to focus – an issue that’s particularly concerning if you are now working from home.

Creating a basic cleaning plan for each week and tidying as you move around the home will prevent a build-up of chores and leave you with time to enjoy yourself.