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Things To Expect On The Ongoing 2020 PGA Tour

Golfing is once again returning after it stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 15-month long PGA Tour was stopped for three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are well aware that golf is not the only sport that was stopped because of the pandemic.

But as every sport started to return slowly, so did golf. The PGA Tour continues to transpire since it resumed last June 11th. Numerous events are lining up throughout the remaining months of the year up to the late months of 2021.

What To Expect

The PGA Tour resumed even before the pandemic ended, which means many new protocols were implemented in the tournament. These protocols may apply to both players and spectators of the said event.

These protocols will center on health issues, particularly those that are associated with COVID-19. One of these is the limitation of people in each event. All the remaining events of the 2020 PGA Tour will not allow fans to witness tournaments on location.

This limitation is implemented to follow Government orders to prohibit mass gatherings, including sporting events, to prevent the virus’s spread. It is also observed to protect players from acquiring the virus by limiting exposure to other people.

The PGA Tour management also implemented COVID-19 testing protocols. All individuals involved in each event should not be allowed inside the property until they have cleared a negative COVID-19 test. These include all volunteers, caddies, and all other individuals they consider to be “inside the bubble.”

For fans and bettors who have been attending these events for years and were expecting to do the same this year, it is best to look for other alternatives as the pandemic is still ongoing. Even with a strict on-site protocol for the tour, the PGA tour management assures the public that they can still watch the event through available alternative platforms.

Alternative For Fans and Bettors

There are so many sporting websites that provide live streaming online of all the events of the tour. This is available on their websites, and you can watch it anywhere as long as you have a device connected to the internet.

With live streaming, you can witness your favorite golf player’s live-action while being safe and comfortable at your home. There is no risk associated as you will not be exposed to hundreds of strangers watching the event.

If you can not watch the live streaming of an event or missed the scheduled live streaming due to personal reasons, you can always watch the replay anytime and anywhere. You can visit the PGA Tour official site for any updates of the event and the videos.

On the other hand, for bettors, you can still bet on your favorite player even if you are prohibited from watching the game in person. You and your co-bettors can place your bets in the Sportsbook here through betting websites.

Most sports betting activities nowadays are happening online. Even before the pandemic started, online sports betting already became popular. The pandemic only increased its popularity even more as it is the only safe and allowed alternative for sports betting.

Thanks to the technology we have today, a global pandemic can not stop us from doing what we love, whether it is watching our favorite sports and even sports betting. So let us take advantage of the gift of technology as we keep ourselves safe from contracting the virus that already took many lives.

There are so many online sports betting websites you can choose from. Just make sure that the site is legit before giving your personal information, especially bank or credit card details. If you are not careful, you can be a victim of phishing or identity theft.

Tell-Tale Signs Of A Fake Sportsbook

To avoid being victimized by criminals online, you should know how to spot a fake sports betting website. Following are the signs that you should look out for when choosing a website to bet on your favorite sports:

  • No toll-free number on their website
  • Do not provide 24 hours customer service
  • The website has limited deposit options
  • Will charge you a fee when you deposit using your credit card
  • Gives 30% guaranteed bonus
  • Does not update betting odds regularly
  • They will not update you with information about your deposits, bonus and will not respond to your emails.

Check for these tell-tale signs and immediately leave once you notice that the website is a fraud. It is also advised to ask other bettors who are already doing online sports betting for a recommendation. Additionally, conduct research and be vigilant.


It is always important to prioritize the health of each individual within the tournament and also yours. Unfortunately, you can not witness your favorite player on the PGA Tour this year, but with good health, you can resume attending golfing tournaments soon when the vaccine will be available. But as of now, follow health protocols, observe social distancing, and stay healthy.