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Tips When Booking A Luxury Villa

Renting a chic villa at an elite destination is probably one of the most rewarding decisions when planning a vacation or even a short escape for two. Lately, an increasing number of travellers are wishing for extra privacy and an overall VIP experience during their holiday, which is why they turn to a villa adventure. When booking one, though, it’s paramount to keep some key factors in mind to maximise your chances of living your dream vacations at the desired destination. Here are 10 major points to take into consideration.

Tip #1. Check the location and proximity to local attractions

It is paramount to know beforehand where on the map an elegant villa is located. Is it close, at least, to the most popular local landmarks and tourist attractions? Will you be needing transfer or rental car services to get around? Selecting a luxury villa that ticks all of your boxes but is far away from all the great spots can affect your entire holiday experience. Unless you desire to stay at a remotely located property, away from the noise and bustle of the selected destination, you will probably appreciate more one that’s close to dining venues, food outlets, and entertainment options.

Tip #2. Book your luxury villa well in advance

Luxury villa rentals tend to be booked up much earlier than other types of accommodation. This could be attributed to the exclusivity, privacy, and the impressive range of amenities and services (complimentary or concierge) they feature. In any case, it is wise to complete the booking process as early as possible. That way, you may also land on special early bird-type discounts or deals.

Tip #3: Consider booking your villa for at least 7 days

Some luxury villa rentals come with minimum stay requirements. Others, offer a significantly reduced price tag on their per-night cost if the guest books the property for a specific number of nights. For the majority of properties, this means renting the unit for at least 14 stays. However, you may even find exclusive deals for shorter stays than that.

Tip #4: Go through the offered type of amenities

Most elegant holiday estates provide a wealth of amenities, such as fitness centres, private pools, daily housekeeping, pre-stocked kitchen cabinets and fridge, in-house staff, jacuzzis, and more. Most of them are included in the price. Others are not. Therefore, it is essential to look into the offered facilities and complimentary services, and also check if you can enhance the overall experience with concierge services like a private cook or chauffeur. You may even pre-order a first-morning breakfast or arrival meal so you start your endeavours relaxed, without worrying about organising food.

Tip #5: Ensure all your space needs are fully met

Regardless of how many people you will be travelling and staying with, it is paramount everybody has their privacy and space to unwind and do as they please. This is particularly critical for large groups of travellers and families with children, which need ample room for play. If you are being forced to share most of the offered amenities and cramp up, your overall experience becomes instantly downgraded. It may even end up in total frustration. So, ensure you will not be called to make compromises in either your comfort or space. Multi-tier luxury villas with several lounge and dining areas (indoors and outdoors alike), extra facilities like a playroom, a garden, a fully equipped kitchen, a swimming pool, private balconies or terraces, and private guest houses are, indeed, great picks.

Tip #6: Read the reviews

If you have come down to a handful of options, you can further ease the selection process by accessing reviews related to the desired property. First, check that the site the villa is featured in is reliable (we will talk about this specific point in the next tip section). How do other travellers rate their experience during their stay at the particular property? Do they mention any issues or inconsistencies in regards to the offered services or amenities? Do guests speak highly of the provided customer service? Are the people writing the reviews genuine? Is there anything you should keep an eye out for?

Tip #7: Make your booking through a trusted site

The process of selecting your dream VIP villa can be overwhelming, given the numerous options available. Weeding through small specialty sites, major online travel agencies, and anything else in between can be challenging. So, it is important to know where to turn to, when searching for a vacation property that fits your bill. For instance, vacation rental websites, such as Kinglike Concierge have more than 200 genuine reviews at reviews.io, which indicates trustworthiness when it comes to the offered services and facilities.

Some platforms provide a list with both rentals and hotels, while others are owned by large companies, which can put you into a position of searching the same inventory over and over again, just wasting your time. Regardless, you certainly want to access sites that offer a great combination of fair prices, informative listings, useful filters, plentiful inventory, and minimum hidden fees. It would also come handy if you can browse exclusive properties on a map or contact the villa owner to ask any questions before going through the booking procedure.

Tip #8: Know precisely what you are paying for

It can be really frustrating to make the trip, eager to live your dream vacation experience at the selected destination, only to be informed of additional fees. These usually refer to services like cleaning and taxes (VAT) that you were not aware of when making the booking. These extra costs are to be looked at beforehand prior to renting the property to ensure an upcoming venture that is as seamless as possible.

Tip #9: Request top-tier vacation experiences from the concierge

Most well-reputed villa rental agencies employ dedicated teams that cater to their customers’ needs. Some providers even go the extra mile so travellers can enjoy over-the-top in-villa experiences. These are usually referred to as concierge services and can include anything a human mind can think of. From having a private chef cook delicious meals for you, VIP reservations to dining venues and clubs, personal trainers, and private helicopter rides to nannies. So, check how far the particular luxury villa owner or luxury villa rental agency is willing to stretch to fulfil its customers’ desires for stress-free and unforgettable, utterly satisfying getaways and vacations.

Tip #10: Travel with a trusted travel advisor

The most highly-esteemed travel advisors collaborate with reputable luxury villa rental providers, as well as teams of expertly-trained villa specialists. At the same time, they may even offer top-notch concierge services to provide around-the clock pampering to travellers. Those in the know will also be able to give you in-depth information and insiders’ tips regarding the selected destination. Therefore, trusting a travel advisor that combines their expertise with a luxury villa rental agency can ensure a memorable stay for you.

Clearly, booking a stylish, VIP villa is not an easy task as it entails ticking the right boxes and making sure the factors that can make or break your stay are all properly addressed.