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Top 5 location priorities for potential home-movers in Wales

Credit: Redrow

Being near essential amenities and living close to family and friends are the top priorities for nearly half of all prospective home-hunters in Wales, according to new research from leading housebuilder Redrow.

The new analysis of 2,000 UK adults, the first large-scale study undertaken by Ewloe-headquartered Redrow since Covid-19 restrictions eased in the summer, reveals that ‘living better’ means being part of a community near to friends and family, with access to open spaces and shops providing essentials.

Equally important to being near to family is access to green open space, but the most important factor revealed was proximity to essential amenities such as a pharmacy or a shop selling food, indicated by 55% of respondents in Wales, evidencing a preference to stay local.

Top 5 location priorities for potential home-movers in Wales. Source: Redrow.

Being near essential amenities e.g. a shop selling food and other essentials or a pharmacy. 55%
Being close to family and friends 45%
Having access to public, green open space 39%
Being close to good public services, e.g. schools, hospitals 24%
Having close access to public transport links 22%

A private car-parking space  and having enough private outdoor space would be the top priorities when selecting their next home for people in Wales. Having good broadband speed and a ‘spare’ bedroom which can be adapted for a range of uses were both particularly highly sought after. Both of these property attributes were elevated in importance during the lockdowns and enforced home working period for many in office-based roles.

Top 5 home priorities for potential home-movers in Wales. Source: Redrow.

Availability of a private car parking space 51%
Having enough private outdoor space (garden / balcony) to enjoy the outdoors 48%
Privacy from your neighbours 37%
Good broadband speeds 31%
Having a ‘spare’ bedroom to use flexibly e.g. for guests, or as a playroom or home office 28%

Beverley Wookey, Sales Director for Redrow in south Wales comments: “Our latest study shows that home-buyers know what they want when it comes to buying their next home – the location needs to be near family and friends, essential shops and pharmacies, and green open spaces while a private car parking space and outdoor space are top priorities in terms of the actual home.

“This study is the science behind our A Better Way to Live campaign, ensuring we are responding to the ever-changing needs and aspirations of our customers. We are noticing that home-buyers are increasingly invested in engaging with their local area. They want to live in places with essential amenities on their doorsteps and they also want to be within easy reach of friends and family, a vital network of support for many people throughout the pandemic.

“Our A Better Way to Live campaign showcases our core brand values and principles, which all come back to our dedication to building beautiful homes where people want to live. We are confident that our spacious homes with flexible living spaces, crafted with the utmost attention to detail, are ideally placed to satisfy the needs of the next wave of aspirational home-buyers.”