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Top B2B Modern Roofing Repair Design Ideas

Photo by Expect Best from Pexels

Who said that your home’s roofing system should only be functional? Who said that you cannot go creative with your roofing and inject that wow factor to it? It’s time to inject more life to your roof—especially if aesthetics and efficiency are your things. It’s not all about keeping your home warm. It’s not all about keeping it dry.

Making it charming goes a long way in elevating the statue of your home. So, make your roof better with the following explicit roofing ideas.

Finished in Thatch

Have a cottage design? Well, go for finished in touch roofing option. It will make your home elegant and make it more charming. It’s what your home needs. So, do justice by finishing the roof in a thatch.

The Fantasy Design

Want something that can say fairytale? Well, bring that dragon of yours to the roof. It will give your home that extra charm. Plus, completing it with spherical segments will make it even more elegant. So, what are you waiting for? If you love it, dragon it with a fantasy design.

The Butterfly Roof

Borrowed from the 1960s designs, a butterfly roof is wing-shaped. Ideal for those who are looking for something simple but classy, this type of roof is all your house needs to come to life.

The Origami Design

When properly perched on the house, this roofing system can make your home outstanding and elegant. With this contemporary roofing style, you have the power to clad in a white-based lender and combine timber with stone. When done professionally, it will make your home to ooze with class and make it a talk of the town.

The Curved Model

Referencing agricultural-based structures, a curved model is soft and will help you forget things like stilts.

Sloping in Style

Another popular roofing style is the slopping in style. Originally designed in 1964, a slopping style can help mirror things—elevating your home’s style and statue.


Flat roofs are common. They feature small slops to allow for the flow of water. Commonly common in architectural homes, flat roofs can be used to design commercial buildings and offices. They are simple but classy—especially when done with the best complementing colors.


Regarded as simple but contemporary, the gable roofs are popular in most homes. In particular, most contractors love this roofing style because it’s easy to install.


With a hipped roofing option, you have a roofing option that allows all the sides to slop downward your home’s walls. Ideal in high wind areas, hipped roofs come with four sides. Here, two sides are rectangular in shape while the other two are trapezoids.

Other Roofing Styles

The following are additional roofing styles you can leverage on to take your construction project to another new level:

  • Gablet (Dutch gable)
  • Jerkinhead
  • Saltbox
  • Catslide
  • Dormer

The Bottom-Line

If you love it, roof it in style. It will change your home for the better. After all, a roof isn’t supposed to be only functional. Going creative can go a long way in making it more fresh and charming. The above roofing ideas are all you need to go crazy with your new roof. What a roofing contractor you can be proud of? Well, contact commercialroofsystems.net today.